Monday, March 31, 2014

March came in like a Lion...

...and is going out like a lamb. So fitting today's warm temps and impending April showers. Still the March winds do blow. I sketched a little broken Christmas ornament depicting a return to the garden of Eden. Been seeing quite a few photos of unexpected animal friendships on the internet, like a tiger befriending a goat intended as prey by caregivers, precious wildlife photos capturing a young rabbit and deer frolicking, a farm dog playing joyfully with a member of flock of sheep. We should all play so well.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The "Dreaded" Project

I had done this drawing in colored pencil on provided paper for the Brooklyn Art Library's Project Dread. The surface of the paper began the reject the layers of color as I added them and removed the previously laid color. SO... marker it is. Changed the appearance greatly as you would imagine. My disdain for the legless creatures didn't prevent me from photographing them when witnessed. The snake has good meaning and since this was a harmless brown snake, I'll run with positive rather than the representation of the serpent devil. The snake animal meaning is powerfully connected to life force and primal energy. When the snake spirit appears in your life it likely means that healing opportunities, change, important transitions and increased energy are manifesting. The spiritual guidance offered is promoting personal growth. The snake may appear when you are stepping into the unknown and need support to move further. Also snake can serve as a reminder of staying grounded as you move through changes. I think I may look at snake a little kinder, but still choose to keep my distance.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

March-One Week till Spring

I keep thinking it has not been windy, but then I watch the snow blowing across my driveway and drifting to complicate what's left of a long winters struggle to survive. The sun returns today and melting the ice leftover from yesterdays carnage. Tomorrow will be above 50 degrees again, I hear people stating their early snowdrops are showing up. Mine are under piles of snow still two foot deep. I had noticed a flock of red-winged blackbirds near the house and their songs returning. Waiting on the elusive robins. "We the great mass of people think only of the love we have for our land, for we do the the land where we were brought up." ~Chief John Ross

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sketchbook Snakes...

I've never considered myself a fan of snakes, but current project asked me to look at photos I had taken back at Dillman's in spring past. I believe identification of my photos include a northern brown water snake often confused for a water moccasin and a northern ribbon snake or garter snake. I do have that common fear or dislike anyway of the cold reptile family, you will not catch me petting one in the children's zoo. Bad enough that I've felt the garter slither under my bare feet on a few occasions. But with a little look see, I've come to understand that in a region of the brain known as the pulvinar, certain neurons respond only to these legless animals. Signals from life direct our attention quickly to particular objects and the suggestion is these snake sensing neurons are a legacy of our distant primate past when snakes posed a great threat to our survival. So the fear of snakes stems from perceptual bias, people recognize snakes faster than other objects in the environment. All said and done, I prefer to see them at the distance that I originally photographed them at, about thirty feet below the seating area in craggy area of lake that we would not intentionally cross without purpose.