Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wedding from Hell

Mom took me to a great little afternoon show, put on by Indian Valley Theatre, hosted by Saint Mary's church in the school gym. Passed out flyers from a previous showing. Part of the act? Everything goes wrong, from the lopsided cake from automobile accident to broken heel on bride's shoes. Entertaining interactive comedy. Had a piece of chocolate cake where the groom's name was spelt wrong. Oh my! Whichever parishioner made that cake is used to SUGAR! We stepped out to the fountains as I feared I'd start coughing onthe sugar turned syrup in my throat! Really would like to attend more plays, we'll see how the years finances progress. At the present I can't imagine what it's like to have a dollar left at weeks end, can you?

Volunteer Time at LaGrange Art League

Quick sketch of a watercolor by Ann Grill. Captivating scene of life at the shore, much more to her piece, fantastic colors, drawn to make a quick sketch of the repetition of rooftops that captivated me and everyone else who walked past.

The judged show this month will receive the Alla Jablokow Nature Award. This sketch is part of one of her watercolors that drew me in and transported me to nature visits that I cherish. My favorites, roots, rocks and water. Many beautiful works arriving on this changing day at LGAL. Alla was there hugging many longtime friends and members. It had been rather enjoyable volunteer time meeting and greeting fellow artists and members. My nature piece is yet unfinished, challenged this week by censoring and time constraints, left last months work in which doesn't follow suit, but still have something of mine on the walls... I think I followed protocol. Fought with the scanner much of yesterday to upload these quick sketches, why it worked this morning not sure. Seems I'm not to turn it off.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Art Institute Artist Date

Had a wonderful trip with Mom on Sunday into Chicago. Train ride in from Aurora, lovely walk down Adams Street to Michigan Avenue. Mom's first trip to Art Institute, where to start? We traveled through most of the Impressionists and moved into the new Modern Art Wing. Odd that the new wing looks as if you're leaving the building rather than entering another era. Wonderful sights. So much to absorb. Ready for a break, we sauntered across the street to split a sandwich and rest a bit before moving back in. Ever so serendipitously as we arrived back at the Art Institute there was a performance beginning in Fullerton Hall. "Vision and Belief" performed by Indiana University's Contemporary Vocal Ensemble. Works, Figure humaine" composed by Francis Poulec in 1943, published in 1945 with a dedication by Pablo Picasso complimented new works by Mexican composer Mario Lavista, the "Stabant Mater,"a chanted poem from Catholic liturgy. The concert itself was an extra surprise and worthy of a trip in itself. Phenomenal performers, deeply moving resonation. A little time left before a walk back to Union Station, I took Mom downstairs to see the children's interactive museum, the Thorne miniatures I knew she'd delight in and collections of enchanting paperweights. Last but not least we walked into the photography exhibit running through May 31st, "In the Vernacular." "Photographs by artists who-through their choice of content, process, aesthetic, or means of dissemination- sought to cross or blur the already fuzzy boundaries between art and the vernacular." Great exhibit branching off into exhibit of photos of Chicago before the great fire. A very good day, train ride home brought us right into messy beginning of winter storm. Took a roll of photos of sky views, but somehow the old roll of film split and could not be developed. Means I have to go again.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fat Tuesday with Chanti

Finally back to life group and we celebrated Mardi Gras with food and song and costume. Chanti wore beads and lovely feathers in her hair. Ronnie set up masks behind her and lovely costume dress from her hand. It was a very nice evening with Jennifer's jumbalaya and cheese dip. Gaylord wore an Elvis wig and brought shrimp and brandy. Don't think anybody touched the thin mint girl scout cookies my boss gave me earlier that day. A few gesture warm ups and one long pose for the evening. I believe a couple more hours and this may be finished. Work in progress so to speak. But where will I show her after she's complete?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Starved Rock State Park

Invited my Mom for an outing, hoping to see the hundreds of bald eagles witnessed other years. This was not the year, but likely four eagles were spotted fishing near the dam. It was absolutely beautiful weather for hiking, still, sunny and relaxed. There were many there with their super nova cameras. Unfortunately my film was old and pictures grainy and dark. I chose a few to share that still evoke the beauty we shared with so many other visitors to the park. Before I ask Mom to come next February I will need to purchase some walking sticks as we were out on iced stairs and paths, sometimes without a railing to catch onto. Gorgeous day, lovely art date.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Works at Black Iris Gallery

"Perspective Study" in chalk pastel

"Ode to Rousseau" oil pastel
Two of the six pieces available at Black Iris Gallery. Was combing through to find the others and got lost in hyperspace.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fabulous Fakes at Naperville Art League

I intended my self portrait to go in Fabulous Fakes Show, and when they recently revised the rules for promotional purposes, I was disapointed. But then, I followed my hunch and pulled a print out of a frame and stuck this one in. I've heard repeatedly that my work seems Van Goghish so... In the style of Van Gogh, my self portrait.
P.S. I think the pretzle ear replaces the cut off ear. And my children were very critical that it looks much older than me. Opp, maybe that's just how I feel at the end of the day.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Tempera Mosaic at LaGrange Art league

Here is one of the pieces I entered in the February exhibit at LaGrange Art League's Cadmium Red Show. It was my piece from summer Art Smart classes inspired by seeing photos of mosaics of Pompeii. We did a still life in tempera paints and the students rather enjoyed breaking up their still life into segments. I had exhibited it in December at Naperville Art League's Holiday Show. Stretching myself into different styles was an enjoyable benefit from teaching the class. My other piece of cubism of a woman, was done in color pencil and I don't believe I ever photoed it.