Tuesday, June 30, 2009


No long poses tonight, but they were all wonderful. Chante has fluidity to her poses that make each one beautiful. Rod attended with me tonight, nice to catch up with his life enroute. Worked diligently and felt accomplished. I should get enough sleep more often. Ended session with Eric Clapton and hmmmm...several people were humming along. Easy relaxed poses, good music and good people.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Saturday's Art Smart

Olivia's projects

Trinity with stained glass and mosaics.

My examples.

Just kept working through the session.

The girls are spreading their wings. Starting with our stained glass rose roundels, we painted fine papers to put behind our cutting projects. Assembling work while expanding on our previous experiences in consecutive projects. Experimenting, gathering knowledge and traveling through time, we are a prolific bunch.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


New model tonight. Isn't she gorgeous? So glad to have met her. Art in her pose...and it seemed to match the music well! Had a long pose this evening...not sure why this group is into short poses, but they are. Would have liked to continue on with seated pose, but I was voted out. Short standing pose at end of evening worked successfully though.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Sunday Afternoon with Bob

I cropped this image severely as I lost proportion although I had captured the lines. I ventured out today to visit with my favorite male model and discover the whereabouts of Tall Grass Studio. I'd been interested in jurying into the gallery space and heard so many wonderful things about the classes held there. Life drawing is held the first and third Sundays from 3-5PM. I walked in an hour late on a small group. They were a warm group and excepted my brain fog completely. My turnabout of directions took me half hour in opposite direction. Why wasn't the sun shining to give me a clue where east and west were? It's not easy to find a pay phone these days. Anyway, by the time I reached my destination my image intake had already exceeded the days maximum. So much new country to see out there. There are no two rocks alike! Pulled into color and line and was at days maximum. An afternoon off, long overdue. So glad I ventured out, shoulda worked on the downed trees from Fridays storm or even cut some grass. Another week, another day as I recover from loss of power and phone service for the weekend. Picked cherries easily this evening from the storm torn branches. I still hear the robins scolding me as I had gathered their rations.
Added full portait of Bob as he considered worth viewing. I guess upside down it would be fine.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Art Smart

Olivia and her piece.

Olivia's workspace

Trinity and her mosaic

Trinity's workspace

My playtime piece.

I felt so unprepared today as I had assumed we would cancel the sessions rather than run with two students. Certainly my lesson plan was distorted. I didn't discuss what I hoped to be prepared for, but I was pleased as both my students grew in confidence and thoroughly enjoyed their impromptu lesson time. Looking forward to next Saturday, with rose roundels.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Saturday Afternoon

This piece I entered for jury in exhibit at North Central College's Schoenherr Gallery located in the Wentz Concert Hall and Fine Art Center at 171 E. Ellsworth in Naperville Illinois. It will be on display June 19th at reception from 6-8 pm. The exhibit runs through July 16th with a rather impressive amount of open hours. Call Naperville Art League 630-355-4240 for more information on this fabulous exhibit, "Artists Among Us."

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


My world has been such flux lately, I doubted I would attend this evening. The exhibit, "Artists Among Us" featured in the new Schoenherr Gallery at North Central College in Naperville had drop off this evening and I needed to make a trip in to deliver my piece and also promised Laura to drop off her collage. The work had been juried in previously for this exhibit opening Friday June 19th with a reception from 6-8 pm. I unfortunately will not be taking another evening off of paid work and hope the reception is spectacular. The show will run through July 17th. The Schoenherr Gallery is located in the new Wentz Concert Hall and Fine Arts Center,
171 E. Chicago Ave. at the corner of Chicago Ave. and Ellsworth St. in Naperville.
But attend tonight, I did and worked through a few bursts of negative energy before coming out with these drawings of Ashley. She is lovely, but moves continuously. Leaves much of the work to memory. Suppose that will keep one sharp.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Jordan Tonight

Artist Statement
With my practice of quick poses of life drawing, I opportune to experiment with colors and differing line textures to recreate quickly the effects of light on the spiritual essence of the human form. My intention is to pull the viewer into following line, breathing with its form, knowing its actual beauty.
~Doris M. Lein

I've added my statement here as I've mentioned irritably that my work is being judged, not on quality of line or composition or even texture, but those who without seeing or looking judge content as improper. I really don't have to censor myself...others keep volunteering! At least I know my viewer is alive and breathing.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mother Bear

Hey might we find a bear in here? or would it simply be a playful skunk? One of the downed oaks hollowed at Oldfiled Oaks Forest Preserve in Darien.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Jordan Tonight

Beyond the fact that my photos are not yet of good quality, my drawings are skewed a great deal by the repertoire of emotional distress that I am feeling. It seems again I am enduring a great deal of criticism for the content of my art and vision. Certainly people prefer when I draw birds although they must not be the dead variety that might hold their pose. And some of those critics adorn their walls with death they caused through sport. Again as I enter into financial distress, my life, my choices, my art and my sanity are all questioned. Will someone choose to see beauty through all the mire of stigma and bias? I wonder why my chosen path is unacceptable to those incapable of living and surviving through it?
Jordan was passing through town and scheduled herself in for the evening. She is a tiny girl...does that show in my renditions? I noticed as she was clothed to leave this evening just how tiny she is. Maybe, just maybe a hundred pounds. A pale, pale pink I certainly had not achieved in coloring. It was good to draw this evening even with all the mixed emotions blurring my vision.