Tuesday, June 30, 2009


No long poses tonight, but they were all wonderful. Chante has fluidity to her poses that make each one beautiful. Rod attended with me tonight, nice to catch up with his life enroute. Worked diligently and felt accomplished. I should get enough sleep more often. Ended session with Eric Clapton and hmmmm...several people were humming along. Easy relaxed poses, good music and good people.


Laura said...

these look great Lady!

glad to hear you were able to catch up on sleep and Eric Clapton always gets me humming. sounds like everything was what the art doctor order for you.. hehehe.

Bob said...

It sounds like a perfect evening all around. Good music, art, and people. I would have embarrassed myself though, Clapton makes me want to air guitar ;-)

april said...

Very relaxed and natural poses. These are just beautiful.