Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Jordan Tonight

Artist Statement
With my practice of quick poses of life drawing, I opportune to experiment with colors and differing line textures to recreate quickly the effects of light on the spiritual essence of the human form. My intention is to pull the viewer into following line, breathing with its form, knowing its actual beauty.
~Doris M. Lein

I've added my statement here as I've mentioned irritably that my work is being judged, not on quality of line or composition or even texture, but those who without seeing or looking judge content as improper. I really don't have to censor myself...others keep volunteering! At least I know my viewer is alive and breathing.


Laura said...

I'm happy you put your statement up there on that top, well done. Life is so very harsh as it is and then you the artist have this ablitiy to express yourself and share with other and your censored. The continual job as an artist is to educate the public about their work and if you want them to get it you have to let them know and that's just what you've done... Don't you ever give in to the Censors. Now let that go and keep on keeping on lady, you've got my support. I would like to hear about the line and composition on these piece from an educators background so when you have time please share.

~v~Laura(#1 supporter)

Bob said...

I have to agree with Laura (again). Proudly put that statement up top where all can see it. If nothing else, it is a reminder to you and what you stand for.


Anonymous said...

Yes Doris, keep drawing!!!
julie x

butterfly woman said...

I feel very alive when I come to your site here and see your passionate creations. Thank you for sharing your art statement. I struggle with mine, too wordy but yours is concise yet packed with wonderful sensitivity! Did you have guidelines on how to make the statement?
Keep creating, I am a Doris Fan. And as I watch your journey, I feel encouraged in my path to push the envelope.

april said...

I would, like Laura, like to know what you are thinking as you work on line, composition and texture. Your drawings are beautiful. the reclining pose from Tuesday night is just lovely.