Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Dixie was my newest rescue before Captain Destructo. Her owners entered a nursing home and she and another chihuahua were taken in by family. She's rather food aggressive and apparently bit her new owner who surrendered her for euthanasia. Her first day was a nightmare! Once outside she slipped through fence and ran wildly through acres of fields. With poor sight as expected of our canine friends, I was a distant monster and she kept running. It took over an hour to reclaim her. With her fear marked all over the fields around me, the coyotes came in close. Later that week they took my Chiquita, a little desert dog who was abandoned by owners after repeated fines. She'd become quite plump with age and cataracts. She was with me for 5 years and had several close calls with coyotes and sutures from being sliced open in attacks. Back to Dixie. I couldn't let her out for several weeks as the coyote stayed close waiting. I lost all my mourning doves and rabbits. As time went on she accepted her new pack. She now lives for me and of couse maybe her food dish, but she no longer mourns her losses.She's a little alarm system, not accepting strangers until I hand her to them. When I get a hug from my children she plain freaks!
And for today, I traveled my regular walking route. Kept rather busy though the workday with some confusion as needed items to purchase. Sometimes I wonder how I get through the multitasking and constant change of direction with each phone call and in house enlistment for help! It's a really good thing that I gave up caffeine a while back as that simply heightens insanity rather than calm and relax as needed during times of stress. Life drawing this evening was needed, even overdue as so much has hoarded my time. Was so good to be there and share evening with like minded friends! Art Now for Autism gallery is now open! Clink on link on my sidebar to see available works!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Lucky Pup

No he's not a pup anymore. But the name rings well. He was adopted from a shelter down south, lived in a backyard on a tie out, and pulled dominance on the toddler he shared residence with. I re-homed him with the help of my veterinarian/employer. It failed. People with two children screaming about anything, frightening the dog and rather than counsel them I asked for return. It is very unreliable when a dog has more intellect than his owners. Lucky is highly intelligent and focused on tasks. He'll chase his rabies tag reflection around the living room floor in morning time. Quite capable of becoming obsessive compulsive, but he gets enough attention to keep him put of trouble. Optimally he would be working agility. He has drive, stamina, and intelligence. My daughter's ex asked me to keep him for him while he was serving in Iraq. My daughter nor Lucky Pup neither were important upon his return. So here he stays, getting fat and making decisions of his own.
Today the rain interrupted my plans. I lost my lunchtime walk. Dropped in on my sister after work as I had an overdue birthday gift for my nephew. Shared a cuppa decaf and a fortune cookie while we caught up on life's struggles. Home again, although it had rained most the day, I went out and worked at finishing lawn cutting. Worked under security light, watching for the full moon that I hadn't witnessed. Nearly done when in the dark I ran out of gas a second time. Gave in and made myself some dinner. That last section will be exceedingly tough to cut as next weekend more rain is expected and I'll not have time before then to finish. Today, my art waited. Patience is a virtue, and it embeds my art life. There had been so much fear, but fear accomplishes so little, I'd given it up.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


I should introduce Spike. He ran out of time again and again. Why I'm not sure, he's been blacklisted, again and again. He and his sister were surrendered to animal control. His sister who looked like a whippet and was half his size found a home immediately. Spike caught his toe in kennel grate and broke it. He did not appreciate anyone looking at his toe, so it was not discovered until I took him out of animal control and put him in a rescue favoring pitbulls. Obviously a shelter catering to pits will be overcrowded and I procured his stay at local kennel with lots of friendly exercise. he had already earned a naughty reputation at vet clinic. Imagine that? Long term pain that no-one is willing to help with. I had him sedated for x-rays and I had his toe amputated at this late date. Is he part pit as feared? I believe he's part basenji as his tail curls over. What else? Feared pit? Feared black dog? There is an abundance of black dogs and cats that never find homes, and beyond superstition, the public has a fear of black. Black is a strong genetic gene of cats and dogs, but unfavored by their human companions. So Spike did his time in kennel and was incurring excessive bill when a home was finally found. He had a identicle twin, was loved by a family who took him in. A child was interference between the two dogs settling territories and Spike lost out on a home. I held him for awhile at vet and finally took him home as his reputation was now irrevocably lost. He is the placid, eager to please all his pack and feline companions too! I had a time with him whem he first arrived as he'd pop the front door open and do laps around pastures, jump at the neighbor's horses before I could reclaim him and drag him home. But pleasing others is his hearts desire.
The day moved quickly, Potlatch was sucessful and enjoyed by all. Food was absolutely wonderful and it was over much too soon. Afternoon caught up with Saturday's undone tasks before a quick visit with my folks, a couple errands and lawn mower gas for tomorrow. Betcha bottom dollar the sun'll come out tomorrow!(Well actually it's supposed to be cloudy the next two days.)But intent on starting the week out in a healthful manner!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Missing Photos

Been searching around my computer and I seem to have misplaced a number of photos! All over and I'm not finding some of my daily walk pictures I wanted to share. It's been a long Saturday, I'm getting together some soup to share at potlatch tomorrow. I called and scheduled a brake inspection this morning. After about 5 hours I was driving my van back home with new front brakes. Al the days plans upstarted and fortunately I had not paid my bills yet and could fix the brakes before they locked up the front tire. The brake pad had slipped and I was literally driving with brakes engaged. The money is sorely missed. Utilities are not paid nor groceries purchased. But most importantly I can drive to work as needed. And of course to visit my friends. I was able to catch up with my meditational readings during that time and prepare this coming weeks lesson plans for children's class. Walked to post office, GoodWill store, grocery and Panera for lunch while I waited. So I did accomplish although things had not been prioritized for today. Work was very slow, minimal dollars, will have to makes some decisions about workloads as I've too much time caught up in too little money.Well, soup is now on and cooking through the night for potlatch and rest is overdue!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Looking at pictures, trying to find the one I want to upload to share. Doesn't sound as if that is feasible as my eyes are getting heavy. The day fell into place and accomplishments at jobs at different locations. Finished a t-shirt copy design, this afternoon. Felt good to include drawing into days events.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Eenie Meenie Mienie Moe

I picked am image blindly. Hope more weeds are pleasing. Tried to decipher my progress today. Tried hard to decide why I had commited to even more work with children's class. That was easy...I had been lacking purpose in my work life. I used to make a great difference each day to all the people and animals of the county that needed aid. Now, I'm the one needing aid. I need some reason besides paying the bills to labor as hard as I do. The children still believe. Their creativity is relatively free and experimental, there are no adult initiatives, very little perfectionism, but most of all the chance to create in play. Far cry from commission work. I had a pleasant walk in the wonderful fall weather. Picked fresh weeds for my desk. Took time this afternoon to work on redraw of a t-shirt design. Felt like the breathing room I create in my walks. Deeply inhaling, fully exhaling. Living. Tomorrow the weekend pace starts anew. Am I really ready? More sleep is necessary.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Day at the Farm

My friend Peggy's son made this video and although it doesn't show the art exhibit at all, it certainly captures the flavor of the day! Check it out and maybe come on down next year!

Today I resumed teaching children's art. It was as I expected. The time flew...the children were happy...if the lesson sinks in a bit, next week will be much easier. Worked on techniques...appropriate classroom behaviors...had younger children than I expected three of the thirteen were kindergarten, three in first, four in third and two in fourth.Lessons are so much easier with older children. Many of the third and fourth graders had taken the program in the past so the stretch between them and kindergartners was great! Even the work which was far from instruction was very good, and children left very pleased. Arriving home, the last thing I wanted to do tonight was work, but after some dinner sanctions, off I went. Bought more flea spray, had adjustments posted to my account reflecting employee discounts. Worked with staff errors, trying to restore order where it's been compromised. So exhausted now...three jobs in a day? Was there a reason I gave teaching up? I believed in my new day job there would be time for drawings. That seems rather inaccurate, but hoping changes are just around the bend!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Life Tonight

Wasn't too pleased with my drawing tonight, but thought I'd share a pose. This was an hour. So kind of model to stand that long. Still when I pulled out the camera, I grabbed a pencil and did some more definition. Sorry my photo is a bit blurry, was hard tricking the flash at evening hours. I intended to work the oil pastel again, but didn't bring along my rag for cleaning fingertips. Certainly a paper towel would do, but I wasn't so motivated.
Work was busy again, barely have time to complete tasks and new ones drop into lap. Working on four or five tasks at all times. And no wonder when someone wants to check their ETA's I've no clue what order they're talking of. Had a nice lunchtime walk. Peaceful. Prayed for my father, prayed for resolution to financial crises, prayed for Stephanie whose story I had read on Saturday. Running around catching up with laundry and dishes before evening drawing session. Wonderful people there. New people to meet. Didn't take time tonight, hellos sufficed.

Monday, September 22, 2008

More Weeds!

Haven't identified these yet either! Such luscious clusters of fruits!
Wonders where I'm heading? Still so stifled by workload that free time is far too scarce. And then I have to wonder why? Seems to me that I'm constantly being taken advantage of. Without remorse. Took a moment to look at lesson plans for Wednesday class. I'm finally back doing work I enjoy. Almost amazing that I'm fitting this in...and then I ask why? To have heart in your work is a very good thing. Much to pull into, much to finish up. I'd washed my bed today and for some reason unbeknown to me a pillow fight commenced upon my bed. Feathers everywhere!I stuffed what I could back into pillow form and sewed up an uneven side. Box of clothes had been dumped and have been washed and are hanging out on the evening clothesline. Early to bed as tomorrow evening will be late with drawing happening!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weeds Today

Early am. The day was not long enough, or maybe it was too long and my weekends are just too short. Far too many tasks at hand and prioritizing rarely fills my personal needs. Sadie had a seizure this morning, it was not severe...she fell out of chair she was resting in. I rubbed her gums with a dab of corn syrup and she slowly came back to me. Aggie thought she was misbehaving and we had to learn that something more important than right or wrong was at hand. Thoughts unsettled as had she been having seizures while I'm gone or was this an isolated event? Had a short visit with my folks, Dad had been able to have second chemo treatment last week and is expected to have another today. Improvement in his appetite which is encouraging. Sister in law dropped in with her children, good to see her and chat a bit. Pushed the thick long lawn from last weekends rains. most of afternoon and early evening. Soaked my sore feet and watched some of the Emmy Awards. So out of touch with current movies, hadn't heard of most the movies receiving awards! Weeds are from walk a few weeks back when full bloom of fall weeds were gorgeous.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Her she is again. I framed her up and she will be on display next month at Naperville Art League. $150.00.
Met cousin Laura at Naperville Art League late this morning and we carpooled over to Riverwalk Art Fair. I think it has been nearly 20 years since I've seen that exhibit. There were wonderful crowds, it appeared that many artists were getting their exorbitant booth fees returned in sales. The variety of work was wonderful! So much to see, but we made a quick outing of it as intentions to purchase were nonexistant. A wonderful lunch in private garden of local deli together and it was back to getting on track with week's overdue tasks. Some of the yard cut, got the ditches done, still wet from last weekends three days of rain. Ran out to buy new keyboard for computer as cat jumped up knocking my drink across keyboard which doesn't appear willing to recover. Work was slow again tonight. People are fearful of the economy, and what will become of their income as prices continue to skyrocket.
Quite contrary to the purchasing crowds of early afternnon.


And here's Aggie, she came to me as Wendy, probably about ten months of age. That was not evident at the time as she was considered unadoptable, favored by shelter staff who requested I intervene with her euthanasia. She unfortunately had misguided training. She did everything right (except a few car chasing incidents and still today poor leash habits). I had to untrain her. She didn't understand fun. My neighbor's name was Wendy, so once I decided I could not re-home her, I changed her name. Certainly the neighbor would tire of hearing her name called across the yards. We learned some happy skills and four legged allowances, but she's untrusting of children. She's had her eye damaged, likely a paper cut from being hit with newspaper. If she feels threatened she will defend herself. She and Sadie are not friends. The pup has brought her some weight loss as she gets rather busy scolding him for wrongs she perceives. Her hips are rather bad, and have caused her fear when she has had difficulty rising. I would not consider her an intelligent dog as she doesn't seem to have reasoning skills...everything is black and white. Much like so many people.


This is Sadie. Her owner had passed on and the family chose not to keep her. She'd not been around children, was not interested at all in them, and was spoiled rotten. She also has some incontinence issues. Severe separation anxiety took her through three homes the following year. Each time she came back to me where I had tended her care at vertinary clinic. We took our lunch time walks together. I was asked to find a rescue and a wonderful shelter downtown was willing to accept her. My car was not running well so I asked some dear four legged loving friends to give us a lift to Chicago. When we arrived, Sadie went ballistic. She knew she was being thrown away again. I couldn't leave her, nor did the shelter staff believe she should be separated from me as I was her only rock in her stormy seas. I sobbed and brought her back home with me. She's a bitch and really headstrong but was willing to learn to belong to a pack. She doesn't have anxiety issues any longer, rests at my feet and occasionally is angelic. She's taken Capt. Destructo under her wings and taught him counter cruising.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Oil Pastel Play

"Keep true to the dreams of thy youth."~Friedrich von Schiller

This was my fifth attempt at learning to use a new medium. The gifted oil pastels were broken rounded bits. But it was fun and I pulled more color into shorter time span than my consistant use of color pencils.
Ran errands between jobs and after jobs and more on tomorrows agenda. So much needs to fit in so little time. The weekend overflowing and I've not even made it there yet. Hoped to catch up on more reading and exercise, but alas the dial up computer challenges my progress and I continue to move forward even though it laughs at me. Are these my censors or my muses? As I continue to write, I wonder if it'll all be lost as internet is not stable currently!

All in a day's labors.

One of the scenes of my daily walks. I've passed by the DIAL building in Montgomery Illinois on most days as I walk, one day you can smell fat steaming, the next day the air is filled with their famous fragrance. Looking at the pictures you may see the front of the buildings with scaffolding the whole height. Here I believe most repair is done after the storm that peeled the front off like a sardine can! The story I heard amazes me that workers so used to high noise levels hadn't even noticed the front wall gone!

Most of my walking time, I spend hoping to glimpse nature to fill my well and these views seemed an interruption to that purpose.

Somehow the grand scale eludes me, I needed to image myself inside one of those floors, bringing the scale to life. And then wonder as to what all the differing parts of the factory and what might go on there began. Maybe someday I'll take a tour. Definitely not a place that I belong, but so different that it peaks my curiosity.

And then of course my imagination takes hold of my senses. Willy Wonka certainly comes to mind. Are there rooms of full of rainbow bubbles? And what exactly is that fragrance made of? Exotic flowers or herbs or maybe even giant blueberries?
The day was long, didn't make it home between jobs...stopped and had my car checked up as the service engine light has been on. Seems once again my vehicle has been posessed by some prankster spirit that eludes mechanics and troubles me. So no repair money this week. Phew. Maybe next week when the spirit needs some attention. The dogs had been better behaved than I expected with extended day...there was same couch pillow tossed about and foam popcorn kernals rained in my livingroom. I swept enough up to get down on the floor for a long overdue exercise regimen. Catching up, keeping up, hoping someday I'll be current rather than lagging behind in lifes work.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ojo Ajuda and RC's 23rd Birthday

This is my senior companion...the summer has taken it's toll and he waits for the first snowfall when the pup in him comes out to play. His ears have swollen and flopped with hemotomas stemming from infections. I was called out one day when a forest ranger found him in closed hunting grounds. He was left to die. A heavy chain held him fast and this 75# being had whittled down to 30#. His eyes were piercing and his name chosen as he looked past the person into the eyes of the soul. He'd known fear, likely terror, has never trusted adults but loved little children. Their souls he treasured. I wonder how many years he may have left, maybe several, but he had had heartworm when he was found, certainly that weakened his heart. Summers are always hard on him, his coat is thick and napping, but I wait for the romp and roll and rejuvenation that the first fallen snow will bring.
Today I was overly busy at work, but I believe I left completing much. My RC's birthday, he is 23 today, and as the week fell into place, I had time this evening without rushing to visit with my boy. He's made me very proud, even the new dreadlocks incite passion in me. He is a creation I shared with God and I find amazement in his pure heart. The cake he left here with after sharing some pirate stew with me. Not a special dinner, but balanced comfort food. I 've got a few things acomplished online this evening...sending out art now for autism news blips to art guild and league. Hoping invitation for life drawing open house I forwarded gets sent and maybe some local artists would be interested in carpooling to group.

Pix is a few years past...longer hair, beard, dreadlocks...pretty handsome huh?

Monday, September 15, 2008


Color pencil on charcoal paper, image 8x10 framed, will be entered in September/October exhibit at Naperville Art League, $125.00

I was ready for Monday for a change, ran errands ahead of chiropractor appointment, gave myself time Sunday for a little repose of my own, trying to catch up on reading, odd jobs. Restful state I rarely make time for. Tomorrow is my son's birthday so after Women's Business Network meeting I came in and baked a marble cake, have the frosting started and pulled together his gift. I'm not sure what tomorrow will bring, has been undecided as to what evening life workshop will be, so I'll probably head back to work after a short visit with my son. Not expecting to head into work early tomorrow. Really could use the overtime, but sometimes sleep is more important, almost as important as baking that birthday cake! I sure do hope my son is pleased with his gifts. He certainly would have loved hand made gifts, but he'll have to settle for purchased gifts with my restricted time frames.
It was so good to get a walk in today after three days of rain. Some people I talked to had sunshine today, I barely saw a couple glimpses of what was predicted, even drove through a shower on way to work. Viewed unusual roadkill, several frogs. I wanted to name them. I believe the lost included Jeremiah, Mr. Hoppy?, had there been frogs in "Of Mice and Men?" Certainly ther must have been a few at Scarborough Fair! They're so interesting to me...I've had only toads in my yard all these past years and now with the new ponds (er, I mean lakes) I have frogs in my yard also. The year has had an unusual amount of toads, and now crickets everywhere...the flora and fauna have been quite prolific. I noted bumblebees today on the asphalt...what's up with that? Saturday as I left for evening work the ponds were flowing over the road into the farm fields and in those ditches I had pulled minnows for my tank I viewed a very spiritual takeoff of a blue heron who'd been feeding off those ditch minnows, we are like minded.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lost Ibex

I am only one, but I am still one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something. And because I cannot do everything I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.
--Helen Keller
This embossing had been printed in brown ink, and the infant ibex's image is precious, here without the ink, it is difficult again to decipher where he stands in the rock crannies. Framed at Imagine on Main for $75.00.
Today we watched as communities vacated flooding. 7" rain that are slowly receding, many rivers have not yet crested and warnings to evacuate are still happening. With the afternoon downpours my lines had had enough. I scooped water twice around a basement drain. About 3 gallons. I wonder how many minnows have washed over into the ditch with this storm system? My fishy friends have been quite comfortable and have enjoyed a weekend water change and algae scrubbing. The temperature has dropped now and the house is closed and cool. Should be good sleeping once I make it that far! Bathed the Dixie tonight, found a single flea on her and am watching anxiously to prevent an outbreak! So many animals to treat, wonder how I'll manage this week!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Trillium And JD

Today I framed a couple pieces and took them over to Amy at Imagine on Main in Oswego, IL. This piece is an inked intaglio. My first dog outside my parents home. He was surrendered by an employee of mine at a pet store for property damage causing eviction. A good smart pup without enough training, I gave him to my boyfriend who had wanted a yellow lab. Well, JD was black, but still the same temperament and enthusiasm. When he was soon again evicted by boyfriend's Mom, I convinced my landlord to let me take him. I had him trained quickly, he was smart but very alone. As I worked long hours managing pet store I requested help by a hunter to train my dog. He trained him much more than hunting but worked a lot of agility and JD was climbing the fence before I knew it. Fairly well behaved, but garbage night came round and if I didn't tie him up, all the neighbors cans would be knocked over! Quite a few runs with animal control, he was on first name basis and generally I reported him missing before a complaint came in. So much about a dog from 30 years ago. He would have been a champion at dock jumping had the sport been recognized in his life. He'd run the dock and leap as he is in this picture as far into the lake he could, swim back and run the dock again till the day was gone! Who'd of thought of such a great game? If only Captain Destructo had so many advantages to life! JD was stolen, for years when I heard distant barking, I'd hope my lil boy was on his way home, but I'd never seen him again and the trillium at the state park is where I believed his heaven to be. We had made many trips to Illinois Canyon to see what we could see. How's that for reminiscing?

Well, time to share Captain Destructos picture and what do I hear crunching in the next room? So here he is to save the day! Capt. Destructo himself!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Another long day

So very tired...searching for picture to upload unsucessflly. Must be the exhaustion and early am work tomorrow! Amy Irwin took pictures of me at Imagine on Main. Now if I can figure out how to change the pixel size!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

At Days End

I have my very own fan! She's purchased two of my nudes and didn't say anything to me Tuesday when we were at life drawing! I thought that was a smile on her face! I had some other pictures uploaded and removed them for a day as I intended to commemorate the solemnity of this Patriot's Day. She did come to mind as her expression is hidden and her emotions are flooding.
On this anniversary date I will always remember Laura's coming into the shelter and telling of the horror on the radio. We tried to keep a little AM radio working in the office that morning, but we really didn't need to hear the news as we would witness it's effects over the coming months daily. But on that day little Carl found a new home with Laura, he's become quite an individual over the years, but I'll never forget that little pup finding a home on the most tragic of days.
I scheduled to give blood today and they found some, which was quite a relief after difficulties a few weeks back. Had to wonder if I was alien since I had no blood? It's a little tender as the needle was repositioned a couple times, but it'll heal and be gone before months pass and I'm able to give again.
I heard from Art for Autism today my work was received yesterday in good shape after shipping and should be up for sale on their gallery soon!
Check it out at: www.artnowforautism.com.
All money will be donated to Autism Speaks through the Washington, DC Walk Now for Autism.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Yee Haa!

Got a couple pictures last Saturday from Laura's very successful Annual Open House. It was hard to do as she had quite a crowd around her demo table and pictures would be a bunch of backs...then she was looking at her adoring fans and not me so I tried very hard to get her face in the shots! Been working at downloading pictures at home, from my gifted digital camera and finally tonight, things clicked into place! Yippee Yi Yay, and I sure hope I can find the program download easily next time. Took more pictures at lunch today, promise I won't bore you with anymore Virginia Creeper. Well, maybe I will. The green against brilliant red against purple seems phenomenal to me. I left work early tonight to attend staff meeting for Young Rembrandts, I'm so glad to be back. A couple weeks before my first class yet, planning a run by the school to reintroduce myself and let people know I'mmm back! More ready than ever to instill little light bulbs above childrens heads as they make connections and grasp the manner of seeing all of the worlds wonders! I saw a great sun/moon picture and a macaw and I need to pull out lesson plans but they are hiding from Captain Destructo and I'm so far behind in my weekly agenda. Same plant and pillow destruction as yesterday for being away from home too long today. When will we all learn?

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I should be in bed...

My day started quite relaxing and finished with sharing with best of friends, old and new. Lunch walk with wonderful cool day, bright sun...watching for all that I might see with childlike wonderment. Happy to have life drawing on schedule, my time out just for me. Stopped home and utter chaos greeted me! Plant recently dragged about was dumped and out of it's lifesource. Basket new after last destruction chewed...I was freaking out, I couldn't find the gallon plastic pot! Certainly they didn't eat the pot! Finally recovered it and replanted the abused plant. Crayons were everywhere! What corner did they come from? My bed was messed and needed to be cleaned ASAP. The comforter is in the dryer now and my day will end late with a warm clean bed. Life drawing I stepped outside my comfort zone and worked with oil pastels. New media to me. Will I continue? Likely I may decide to use the bits and pieces up in next few weeks, stepping deeper into color which had been expressed as lacking in my work. Can't say that anything will be suitable for sale, but I will pursue conquering a challenge. Chatted late. It was so good to see the regulars and those that hadn't been able to attend lately. A place where my eccentricities are normalized. Where casual conversations about art are spoken. The evening is cold, hopefully the dryer will finish my blanket and me before time to rise!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Art for Autism

I was able to get package shipped out on time for September 10th deadline. Donation of intaglio "Puzzled Tree" (pictured in post below)available through their online gallery throughout October!

The Sale: Art work will be available online during the month of October at www.artnowforautism.com. We also hope to have a display table at the Washington, DC Walk Now for Autism on November 8th. Any unsold work will be returned to the artist in November. All money raised will be donated to Autism Speaks through its Walk Now for Autism.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Puzzled Tree

An intaglio print,I had done a run in brown ink, also in green ink. I framed this piece up for donation for Autism Art Auction. Weekend went past quickly, spent late faternoon at Laura's Annual Studio Sale. She did wonderfully! And the weather although intimidating stayed pleasant. Some time this evening looking to upload programs for viewing photos and still an uncooperative computer, more efforts again later with a little more time. Back to the weekday grind and losing energy and sanity without proper relieve of weekend rest.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Break Time

A rather old sketch, framed many years back and gave to my Dad, when they moved into new house, my parents gave it back. It looked sullen, frame didn't compliment. I pulled the frame off antiqued it gold and used it for a nude. I thought this piece would go well at Dickson Farm art show so I re-matted it. Spiffed up a bit I decided to frame it again in a black frame limed white. So it's done, it's framed and brought it over to my cousin's 1st Annual Studio Art Show. Her three day show appears to be a success so we can look forward to it again next year! One more day of show tomorrow at 6718 Dale Dr., in Darien Illinois!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Pillow Fight!

There was a pillow fight while I was at work tonight! The livingroom is covered with tiny shredded foam pieces. As I was considering whether or not I was leaving the pack with the correct music, something was amiss in todays selections. Of course today the propane truck stopped as well as the UPS truck. Different sights and sounds encrouching their comfort levels. Well, I'm hoping the day's event went well for cousin Laura, at least the rain was done. The sun'll come out tomorrow!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Virginia Creeper

"You can have anything you want if you want it badly enough. You can be anything you want to be, do anything you set out to accomplish, if you hold to that desire with singleness of purpose." ~Abe Lincoln

Exhaustion set in before arriving home and plugged in a movie as I really didn't want to watch any convention news. I wanted mind numbing entertainment after excess work in heat of early week and a couple long gray days. No walk in nonstop rain, wonder if the 5 inches predicted fell? I heard Sandwich Fair was canceled and people were told to leave without reimbursement. Certainly people would be getting stuck in parking fields. What about that singleness of purpose? Have we learned too much flexibility?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Looking for Identification

I haven't had a chance to look these vines up, 5 leaves like an umbrella plant, sneaking it's way between the wild grapes. They are brilliant. I stopped today to look at them again. So very attractive.
I had another long hard day, 15 assignments would hit me at once and before I'd comb through 4 or 5 more you make their way to my desk. The business is seasonal and if attitudes were more becoming a pleasant work environment, I'd rather enjoy the challenges. Rather the expectations and scornful atmosphere just status Que the load. Weather had cooled and put my walk time in, gratitude found for many things. Evening job went as expected, tasks done. Computer choking on me the whole time. Finally picked up a dog magazine and read while it slowly accomplished given tasks. At home, intent to put together three framed pieces I'd been working on. My graphite sketch "Sorrow" is now framed and looking rather suitable. I intended to frame my "Puzzled Tree" intaglio print when I heard the glass snap. Assuming I had another piece of glass, I was only slightly bothered. As I opened the third piece I had picked up I finally looked at the packaging. The glass is from China! I couldn't believe my eyes! I was not expecting that at all. Why would we import glass for frames? Well, they were packed between foam and cardboard and a glass cover page. The third piece was cracked inside the packaging. I'd been duped. You wouldn't know it was broken until it was unsealed and how you you return it at that point? Well, as it happens, I intended to ship "Puzzled Tree" and use a nice plexi-glass in frame. I suppose now that the glass is gone, I shall do that. When the money rolls past again. Somewhere in my closets I have a glass cutter so all is not wasted, but another days project.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

No Walk Today

Who knows why pictures upload full size or reduced? I certainly lose all track of what I'm doing about the third attempt and then it's a shot in the dark. The day was excessively warm, didn't consider a walk as I assumed someone might think I was a huge scrambled egg by the side of the road. It was 94 degrees at my desk. Did some necessary banking at lunch break. The day was a little easier, although emotions are skyrocketing and tears are part of my day. Memories flood my existence and many are still so grief stricken. But I made it out to life drawing tonight and after a few drawings I was dissatisfied with, life began to ebb and flow and I remembered again that it was for drawing that I was created. Hope to get pictures taken and positive attempts at downloading and uploading for sharing soon.This photo causes a bit of wonder in me as what is it I saw in this woodland shot? Was it the wild grape? Or dead branches that I deeply enjoy? I hope it instills a bit of comfort for the viewer, as things were meant to be. Natural and uncompromising.

Monday, September 1, 2008

More computer hassles!

Finally made it here after half hour, restarting computer again and again as programs were not reponding. Had hoped to share another photo of Sunhawk as I saw her soaring in distance and her her screech hello. Long day, worked hard on a national holiday. And unfortunately it wasn't at home. Historically we've always celebrated Mom's Sept 4th birthday on Labor Day with afternoon picnic. My sister Donna would make the plans and get everyone together. She's now deceased and plans don't fall into place, but recognition remains that those lost days will never be regained. So I worked as I was expected, angrily. Of all the people in the world that deserve a Labor Day of rest, it would be those like myself, working many jobs and still earning poverty wages. So I worked. Dad is too ill for a family celebration. Chemo treatment is taking away what little energy he has left. It is a very sour realization that employment has no regards for the most important family. Truly I deserve much better than the intimidation tactics and tantrums of the past week. An apology is probably far too late.