Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Dixie was my newest rescue before Captain Destructo. Her owners entered a nursing home and she and another chihuahua were taken in by family. She's rather food aggressive and apparently bit her new owner who surrendered her for euthanasia. Her first day was a nightmare! Once outside she slipped through fence and ran wildly through acres of fields. With poor sight as expected of our canine friends, I was a distant monster and she kept running. It took over an hour to reclaim her. With her fear marked all over the fields around me, the coyotes came in close. Later that week they took my Chiquita, a little desert dog who was abandoned by owners after repeated fines. She'd become quite plump with age and cataracts. She was with me for 5 years and had several close calls with coyotes and sutures from being sliced open in attacks. Back to Dixie. I couldn't let her out for several weeks as the coyote stayed close waiting. I lost all my mourning doves and rabbits. As time went on she accepted her new pack. She now lives for me and of couse maybe her food dish, but she no longer mourns her losses.She's a little alarm system, not accepting strangers until I hand her to them. When I get a hug from my children she plain freaks!
And for today, I traveled my regular walking route. Kept rather busy though the workday with some confusion as needed items to purchase. Sometimes I wonder how I get through the multitasking and constant change of direction with each phone call and in house enlistment for help! It's a really good thing that I gave up caffeine a while back as that simply heightens insanity rather than calm and relax as needed during times of stress. Life drawing this evening was needed, even overdue as so much has hoarded my time. Was so good to be there and share evening with like minded friends! Art Now for Autism gallery is now open! Clink on link on my sidebar to see available works!


april said...

Oh my goodness! What a story! very sad. hugs...april

Doris said...

Thanks! The hug is handy!