Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Oil Pastel Play

"Keep true to the dreams of thy youth."~Friedrich von Schiller

This was my fifth attempt at learning to use a new medium. The gifted oil pastels were broken rounded bits. But it was fun and I pulled more color into shorter time span than my consistant use of color pencils.
Ran errands between jobs and after jobs and more on tomorrows agenda. So much needs to fit in so little time. The weekend overflowing and I've not even made it there yet. Hoped to catch up on more reading and exercise, but alas the dial up computer challenges my progress and I continue to move forward even though it laughs at me. Are these my censors or my muses? As I continue to write, I wonder if it'll all be lost as internet is not stable currently!

1 comment:

butterfly woman said...

You seem to have eased into oil pastels quite well, fifth time a charm. I still see your own personal style coming through, yet this piece seems brighter and more colorful than some of your others. I like her dreamy pose, it's a rather unique position she is in. And most importantly for you, you had "Fun"!!!
Broken oil pastels reminds me of being a kid with broken crayons, and yet the child's playful spirit creates magic, nevertheless!!!