Monday, September 22, 2008

More Weeds!

Haven't identified these yet either! Such luscious clusters of fruits!
Wonders where I'm heading? Still so stifled by workload that free time is far too scarce. And then I have to wonder why? Seems to me that I'm constantly being taken advantage of. Without remorse. Took a moment to look at lesson plans for Wednesday class. I'm finally back doing work I enjoy. Almost amazing that I'm fitting this in...and then I ask why? To have heart in your work is a very good thing. Much to pull into, much to finish up. I'd washed my bed today and for some reason unbeknown to me a pillow fight commenced upon my bed. Feathers everywhere!I stuffed what I could back into pillow form and sewed up an uneven side. Box of clothes had been dumped and have been washed and are hanging out on the evening clothesline. Early to bed as tomorrow evening will be late with drawing happening!

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