Wednesday, September 17, 2008

All in a day's labors.

One of the scenes of my daily walks. I've passed by the DIAL building in Montgomery Illinois on most days as I walk, one day you can smell fat steaming, the next day the air is filled with their famous fragrance. Looking at the pictures you may see the front of the buildings with scaffolding the whole height. Here I believe most repair is done after the storm that peeled the front off like a sardine can! The story I heard amazes me that workers so used to high noise levels hadn't even noticed the front wall gone!

Most of my walking time, I spend hoping to glimpse nature to fill my well and these views seemed an interruption to that purpose.

Somehow the grand scale eludes me, I needed to image myself inside one of those floors, bringing the scale to life. And then wonder as to what all the differing parts of the factory and what might go on there began. Maybe someday I'll take a tour. Definitely not a place that I belong, but so different that it peaks my curiosity.

And then of course my imagination takes hold of my senses. Willy Wonka certainly comes to mind. Are there rooms of full of rainbow bubbles? And what exactly is that fragrance made of? Exotic flowers or herbs or maybe even giant blueberries?
The day was long, didn't make it home between jobs...stopped and had my car checked up as the service engine light has been on. Seems once again my vehicle has been posessed by some prankster spirit that eludes mechanics and troubles me. So no repair money this week. Phew. Maybe next week when the spirit needs some attention. The dogs had been better behaved than I expected with extended day...there was same couch pillow tossed about and foam popcorn kernals rained in my livingroom. I swept enough up to get down on the floor for a long overdue exercise regimen. Catching up, keeping up, hoping someday I'll be current rather than lagging behind in lifes work.

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