Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Back to the Tanglewoods of Stockbridge

I was going to share my lunch outing today, but with low battery on camera, I couldn't zoom in the shot to be readable and computer refuses to allow me to crop... but then I thought I hadn't yet shared pictures from Canada, but these Stockbridge pictures in same folder seemed to need to be witnessed. I had heard that the reason Stockbridge was so famous for it's fall colors was because of it's Tanglewoods. I still don't know what a Tanglewood Tree is, I googled it and just discovered the famous fall music festivals of the area. The base of this tree shared was quite interesting, maybe it's a tanglewood. St Francis didn't speak up, he was stationed in the pines. Colors were quite spectacular though. I'll share some of Canada soon.

Saturday, November 23, 2013


Stepping out this morning, I felt the rush of red hawk fly from my front bushes into tree off front walk. Went back to grab the camera and it appeared to be gone. I still felt very blessed to be so near witnessing such a beautiful bird. I guessed she was near the feeder to capture any of my visitors. I had seen a naughty squirrel on top my feeder while washing some windows. After lunch I went out to cut back the wild roses and perennials in front flower beds, a little late, but better late than never... there she was. I didn't want to disturb her, so plumped up to avoid the cold day. I kept thinking it could be an owl, so plumped up. I'm not sure what is wrong but she stayed as I photoed her. Fearing she may be injured... she did fly this morning, but maybe she was too weak. I fed her some vegan cheese as I had no meat to offer and as she ate I thought hey, some canned dog food might do the trick. I didn't witness her eating the dog food but after she hopped away under the bushes and down into my south sunshine out of the cold winds I couldn't find it so I set out some more. I'll have to keep a tight rein on the chihuahua until she's strong enough to leave, although she appears to be acquiring a taste for my offerings.

South of the Bridge

Usually I head north of the bridge to walk the shoreline, but river was high this week so I ventured south along the bike path. Nowhere near as much garbage this side of bridge. Pleased to see the heron out in middle of river not flying away but feeling safe and secure that I was distanced. Probably the best picture I could get at distance with my camera. Even the ducks didn't swim away, but nonchalantly addressed own needs while I witnessed.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fall Decor

Much has blown free with the weekend winds, but forgot I had this photo op. All the leaves of the maple caught among the branches like fall ornaments on the Christmas tree. Maybe I'll light up the tree again instead of the roof this year..

George's Family Restaurant, Montgomery

Many times I've passed by this restaurant and have never been stopped, so today I scheduled a solo lunch date with my walk and ordered a nice Greek salad. Quaint little place, usually bustling at lunchtime when I pass. Very clean. Not much for my vegan diet plan, but for anyone else... people were enjoying themselves.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Stations of the Cross on Eden Hill

Aren't these the perfect gardens for contemplation?

Monday, November 11, 2013

Back inside the National Shrine of Divine Mercy.
After mass, Father Matt shared a little of the history of the shrine.


Fyo at 14 weeks, he was laughing, but the camera wasn't fast enough. Love that little angel!

Sunday on the Bicycle

Took the bicycle out for overdue venture and changed my normal route to pass this old Presbyterian Church. Should have gone another 100 feet to the old cemetary, maybe next time.
Happy to see that the goats were still neighbors. They were quite a distance from the road, surprised that the picture fared so well.
About a mile from home the snow cover clouds interrupted my sunshine, I held the flash closed... the sky wasn't really as yellow above the storm clouds, but what a nice picture!
So, back home, the view from back yard. This is why I work so hard to stay where I am at, is that not God's palette?

Saturday, November 9, 2013

National Shrine of Divine Mercy

On top of Eden Hill, nestled among the Berkshire Mountain, the National Shrine of Divine Mercy and offices with a retreat house for limited pilgrimages. Our group stayed in town, but we had two days here to witness the beauty.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Views at Our Lady of Mercy, Stockbridge MA

Berkshire Mountains, Tanglewood Trees, Quicksands. I looked up tanglewood trees which are rumored to be the cause of magnificent fall colors of the area and found nothing about trees but much of the music festivals of the area. Whatever legend may be, the grounds at property of Shrine of Our Lady of Mercy at Stockbridge encompass bogs with quicksands. Beautiful area to view from the distance.

Montgomery Village Hall

Did someone pre-plan these fabulous fall colors? I think I should take a bag lunch and set here awhile, bubbling water, some goldfish and wonderful plantings. Even "rosa rugosa" which before I'd seen in no gardens but mine.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Trip down to the Fox River

Interesting piece of garbage. Parts of a child's bike? Looks pretty old, wondered how long it's been in the river. Grateful to run into the Great Blue Heron. When I approached he crossed to other bank further south. Tried to get some shots in flight, but camera does not adjust quickly in close up mode. By the time I got across the river from it again, a fisherman came down and the heron headed back up to north end of bank, where I run into him originally. The river although beautiful was also somewhat disappointing. I had spent one winter walking the same banks clearing garbage each day. There is so much litter on the banks again. So many bait buckets and fishing lines to get tangled in. Dozens of plastic bottles and alcohol containers. One trip this year I had asked an acquaintance for help freeing a mourning dove knotted up in fishing line as I don't carry a knife. It's mate stuck by it although it could only move about ten inches from the branch the line was tangled to. Respect for Mother Earth is seriously lacking. I need to focus on the heron...

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

More Inspiration from Notre Dame

"Our Lady" the inspiration of the congregation of Notre Dame. So much beauty in Her honor.