Friday, February 28, 2014

February~Gaga lu' nee

February~Gaga lu'nee, Bony or Hungry Month "The whole earth belongs to Asga Ya Galun Lati, the Great Spirit." ~Cherokee People February is a difficult month for many people, myself included. Although I really didn't hunger and lose weight(which would have been a good thing), I've had to cut back on many items and am not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel as of yet. I believe that May is a three paycheck month, woot! But rationing funds and settling for lessor desired toiletries and groceries is what has always been expected after the cold hard days of January, when shivering temperatures increase the appetite. (Like we really can cut back on calories when hungry all the time.) So here's to March, the Windy month, hoping her coming in like a lion will really go out like a lamb! Think Spring!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mated Pair with Spring Fever

On return from lunch walk I spied the pair of ducks looking for nesting sights. Hadn't seen any life in the creek since early fall. This creek was frozen solid the last few weeks, hopefully the return of polar vortex won't refreeze their sanctuary.

Garden Tortoise and Heron

Cold walk back again to the greenhouse today, thought some ornaments would be easier to draw with my minimal time allotment. The smile on the tortoise enamored me. Wanted to take him home. Maybe I'll need to spend some time sketching Jack, my son's Asian tortoise of whom I guardian. Had hoped years ago to create a summer outdoor pond for him. Suppose when little grandson Fyo takes an interest in Jack, he may go home to his rightful owner. Certainly Jack will outlive me. But then of course I will need to buy or create my own garden tortoise replica. The heron statue in same display at Schaefer's has a much more appropriate background.

Creative Pay it Forward

Early last month a Creative Pay it Forward popped up on Facebook. I jumped on Uta Mooney's offer and sent out my own, which sadly did not seem to generate further. I have one acquaintance to send something to but am considering simply sending to the few people liking the post. The package from Australia arrived yesterday when my spirit was dragging behind me. Just so wonderful, a coin purse with photo by her daughter of Julia Thomas photography filled with Aussie coinage. The little handwritten note topped it off. Squishy hugs right back at you Uta! And love!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Ready for March 17th!

Life speeds by too quickly, but March 17th sounds almost close enough to spring for me. Trekked back to the greenhouse to see what might be new this week and found shamrocks! Another quick sketch to capture and be on my way again.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Color Pencil Pomegranate Sketches

Still working on the pomegranate practice. Switched out to color pencil for effect, takes up quite a bit more time, but was delicious after I finished!

Friday, February 14, 2014


Another marker sketch, this one I spent several days with in like five minute time increments. It actually was a much nicer sketch in two colors, I should have photoed it earlier. Early one Sunday morning she must have hit my window as I found her alive on the front porch in frigid temperatures, put her in a large box indoors hoping she would regain herself in the warmth, but she had passed when I got home from Sunday mass. Many sparrows in my repertoire of sketching past, she somewhat hurt more as I hoped to free her again.

Thursday, February 13, 2014


Another trip to Schaefers Greenhouse. Cacti shipment arrived and enjoyed learning a few things from staff. Just enough time for a quickie sketch of one of the lovely arrangements available. Had a photo of terrarium I sketched, but had some issues with cold camera lens fogging over in the dry desert warmth, so posted clearer images. Check out the tiny little blooms in center pot. Sure would enjoy a few of cacti at home!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I think it actually may be a happy corn plant, had always had corn plants without a stalk in the past. Took the photo a few weeks back when it double blossomed. I only had had one blossom stalk last year. I think it was last week... maybe the week before when I had a little time to do a marker sketch.

Morning Frost and Sunrise

I was surprised at how cold it was yet this morning, always makes for a beautiful sunrise. Ran out to get the morning paper and definitely needed to get in a few frosty photos. Later heading toward town, I realized it was only my rural area decorated so carefully, guess Jack Frost can't do everyone's yard in one night!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Schaefers Greenhouse

Walked back to Schaefer's last Monday when the weather was a bit warmer and did a quick sketch of one of the succulents in photo, unfortunately I had not taken photos from sketch books before uploading to a CD at Walgreens... My personal computer had crashed last week and while waiting on my son to try and upload a new driver on it, I have been attempting to use my old computer and not getting anywhere with that one either. Issues to deal with. Hoping for a couple nice days later this week to get a few more greenhouse sketches in.
Maybe not the best photo, but managing to move forward without personal computer! Quick sketch done last week.