Saturday, December 28, 2013

Views from St. Joseph's Oratory

Back in Quebec... the Basilica stands on top the mountain and views from the seven stories are spectacular. There are 230 stairs from lower gardens to first level of Basilica and pilgrims are known to climb them on their knees. I wished I had enough time at the shrine to choose that option. Shrine is six levels high with chapels, Brother Andre's tomb, museum, gift shops and basilica. Full day is needed to fully witness the glory.

Christmas Morning

My baby with his baby. I cherish the love and trust exhibited.
But look at the smiles that happen when Mommy has him in tow! Love that little Fyo!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Sculpture in front of Basilica and National Shrine of Our Lady of Consolation in Carey, Ohio.
Painting of the Holy Family at rear of Cathedral of Notre Dame. Wishing all my friends and family much joy on this blessed day!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

No Vacancy

I think it was the "Joy Diet" that suggested you post a sign in your sacred space. Thought it appropriate to post in remembering that our Mother Mary and St Joseph were turned away from the inn.

Monday, December 23, 2013

St. Joseph's Oratory of Mount Royal

Back to pilgrimage. At St. Joseph's Oratory, Montreal, Quebec. Saint Brother Andre's enormous undertaking. The first chapel built in 1904, quickly became too small, expanded in 1908 and again in 1910. In 1917 a crypt large enough to hold 1000 people was inaugurated. Building continued although halting during the Great Depression of the world's largest sanctuary to St. Joseph. In 1936 a special meeting was called, snow and ice threatened to damage a roofless building. Brother Andre stated, "This is not my work: it is the work of St. Joseph. Place a statue of him in the middle of the building. If he wants a roof over his head, he'll see that one is provided." Within two months funds to complete the project were secured. Thousands of people asked Brother Andre for healing, through the intercession of St Joseph. Brother Andre died in 1937 at the age of 91. More than one million mourners attended his funeral. His body lies in a simple tomb inside the shrine now standing on Mount Royal. (Wonder if the use of the statue of St Joseph's in selling real estate might stem from miracles here?)

Saturday, December 21, 2013

More Marker Practice

I did buy these markers intent for this book and it seems fitting I fill the pages with inspiration and collections. Never had frogs before the subdivision and ponds were put in down the road. I really enjoy the family living under the dogs outside water dish. Did he think he was hidden in the great photo op from last summer?

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Winter Sunrise

Love my east/west views. The sun colors are always so brilliant in winter.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sign for Christmas

Christmas~Jesus~Celebrate His Birth Last season when volunteering for Caring Hands Thrift store in Yorkville I bought several of these signs as gifts for those who'd appreciate. Winter winds are too strong to keep it down by roadside for passerby's to see. Thought I'd share as previous nighttime shot didn't have visibility.

Fox River Snails

More practice from my river jaunts collections.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Marker Eagle

Filling in pages in the book, used a photo back from Dillman's that I took when canoeing with my cousin Laura. Fortunately I have close up lens, We didn't actually get this close to it. Up above in the pines, close up shot, my camera was shaking with the lake currents. Considering doing some multicolor linocuts and practicing colors for mixing.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

LED Lights

I recycled some old strands of lights and purchased new LED bulbs, hung last weekend in the bitter cold, photo after Saturdays heavy snow. Made the wreath this year from mugho pine trimmings. A little bit of new cheer!

Make Your Mark

Been doodling in past due sketchbook which really should have been ready some years past. Some sketches of a river clam shell turned into patterned design.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Underwater Cache

Love to witness nature, maybe this ought to be a print, might have to work on that.

Boat House at Dillmans

Never finished sharing sketches from spring outing. The verse has been attributed to someone, was it St. Francis?

Break in the Weather

Got a lunchtime walk in yesterday. The robins were happy to get out for some berries and their songs filled the crisp air. Dozens come in from the woods when a break in the weather allows. Took a few snow snapshots and many robin pictures. Walking was difficult as my friend who plowed the gravel sides deep for me had retired in October, but I wore my boots and traversed on to the tropics of Schaefer's greenhouse. Been peeking through windows at all the poinsettias for some time now, but entering the greenhouse is magical. After taking off the winter wear to prevent overheating I thoroughly enjoyed the festive location. There is a wonderfully landscaped settee for visiting Santa behind the wonderful tree display complete with horse-cart full of foliage. Quite a magical setting. An abundance of garden gifts to drool over...

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Gift from the River

Another trip to the river on a gray warm day, walked up to the dam just to feel the water rushing. Heron friend flew across the river and perched where I could view him. A lovely water goblet to get cleaned up was found at river's edge, just south of the dam. Thick heavy glass, could it possibly crossed over the dam without breaking? I'm considering dressing it with a pretty ribbon and filling with Christmas candy. My early Christmas gift.