Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Yorkville Public Library Exhibit

Works on display at Yorkville Public Library's Kendall Art Guild Exhibit.
902 Game Farm Rd. Yorkville,IL 630-553-4354
Upstairs in adult library. Exhibit runs Tuesday March 23rd thru Friday May 18th.
Mon-Thurs 9am-8:30pm Fri 9am-5pm Sat 9am-4pm Sun 1pm-4pm

"Great Blue Heron" Inked Linocut Embossing

"The Flag" Inked Linocut Embossing

"Jordan" Color Pencil

"In the Land of Nod" Color Pencil

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Kendall Art Guild March Meeting

I stayed home from life drawing again. Had a rather over scheduled day. From work, left to teach my class, then on to the Yorkville Library to add some of my work to the Kendall Art Guild's exhibit. I submitted four pieces, will have to check out next week to see if they all are all hung in the group showing. I usually miss the Tuesday night meetings, but they are free and local gas use so I stayed home and attended. I enjoying Nancy Rice's demonstration and her allowing excess water to freely determine the content of her abstractions. Many pieces don't work out and she simply starts over on the same canvas. With that, I went home, took a razor to remove layers of my current oil pastel painting and reworked the background to start over. It's still waiting for me to start over, but a better plan of attack in place.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fox River Academy of Music and Art Spring Quarter Classes

There it is up in the top corner (back page) of schedule. Sorry my scanner is leaving images less than desirable. Upper corner Oil Pastel Class for Youth. One of the goals I had set, to teach at Fox River Academy... now to get the enrollment needed.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bob in Oil Pastel

Another 15 minute pose and I flexed my options and pulled into oil pastels. Can't possibly work as tight with chunky rounded oil pastels, so I've stayed with a bust.
Working on the black paper again seemed to put ideas in focus and help direct my intent in coloration. The second pose was nearly 50 minutes in length and hopefully I'll pull in needed time to complete the portrait. Had my weekend with time away from household responsibilities, nice place to be, but have to stay on track with the race to stay afloat and ahead of catastrophes. Can I squeeze more time in before the weekend? Maybe if I get off the computer.

Tall Grass Art Center Life Drawing Workshop

The rain on Sunday had canceled out my hiking date with Mom. I jumped on opportunity to stretch some more and head out to Park Forest for a couple hours sketching Bob. Been some time since I've drawn Bob and he holds his poses so well, allowing participants to get a complete sense of the form. These two 15 minute sketches in the warming up period. These 15 minute poses are missed from regular workshops. They allow for natural poses that wouldn't hold well for an hour. There hadn't been music or wine or snacks, but there was a friendly banter among the artists that was amusing. An hour fifteen minute drive, but a direction I was overdue to head. Thanks Bob!

Acrylic Abstract Painting Workshop with Maureen Gasek

Last Saturday, I jumped on an opportunity to take an afternoon workshop at Fox River Academy of Music and Art with members of Kendall Art Guild. Surprised to meet another Young Rembrandt teacher from Peotone. The workshop was a bargain and fees just covered supplies used. We considered elements of composition and rolled right into creating a finished piece in workshop. Maureen demonstrated many different techniques to try and working through the processes with problem areas to achieve a pleasing result. I stepped out of my comfort zone and flew by the seat of my pants. Happy with my end result, but having a hard time seeing it as abstract art. My paleolithic elements remind me of cave paintings. Can you see the giraffe and elephant? Upside down of course.