Thursday, March 25, 2010

Kendall Art Guild March Meeting

I stayed home from life drawing again. Had a rather over scheduled day. From work, left to teach my class, then on to the Yorkville Library to add some of my work to the Kendall Art Guild's exhibit. I submitted four pieces, will have to check out next week to see if they all are all hung in the group showing. I usually miss the Tuesday night meetings, but they are free and local gas use so I stayed home and attended. I enjoying Nancy Rice's demonstration and her allowing excess water to freely determine the content of her abstractions. Many pieces don't work out and she simply starts over on the same canvas. With that, I went home, took a razor to remove layers of my current oil pastel painting and reworked the background to start over. It's still waiting for me to start over, but a better plan of attack in place.

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