Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Acrylic Abstract Painting Workshop with Maureen Gasek

Last Saturday, I jumped on an opportunity to take an afternoon workshop at Fox River Academy of Music and Art with members of Kendall Art Guild. Surprised to meet another Young Rembrandt teacher from Peotone. The workshop was a bargain and fees just covered supplies used. We considered elements of composition and rolled right into creating a finished piece in workshop. Maureen demonstrated many different techniques to try and working through the processes with problem areas to achieve a pleasing result. I stepped out of my comfort zone and flew by the seat of my pants. Happy with my end result, but having a hard time seeing it as abstract art. My paleolithic elements remind me of cave paintings. Can you see the giraffe and elephant? Upside down of course.


Bob said...

I completely missed the giraffe and elephant. To me it looked like out-stretched gnarled fingers... then again I haven't had my first cup.

I have a sculpture artist friend that made a piece of a woman in a cage. The description is, that the woman is in what she perceives as her comfort zone, but to the rest of the world it's a cage. It's good to see more of your growth and working outside that comfort zone.


Suz said...

Doris I like this so much...the composition is pleasing
and colors right on
do more!

butterfly woman said...

I've always loved primitive art and the colors here are so Old Master Reminiscent. What materials did you use, I am intrigued. I love you outside your comfort box. I see magic and alchemy (maybe it's the metal feel in this piece) in your creativity. You are so rewriting yourself.

Doris said...

Acrylic paints...mostly with an onion bag.

april said...

Acrylics and an onion bag? You have to show us sometime! I do see the giraffe and the elephant and like it that way - upside down! Danielle would too!

Laura said...

too much fun for you... I think is was much deserved and looks like you need to have more when life will allow it... you go girl.. we are you cheerleaders.. You go girl!!