Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bob in Oil Pastel

Another 15 minute pose and I flexed my options and pulled into oil pastels. Can't possibly work as tight with chunky rounded oil pastels, so I've stayed with a bust.
Working on the black paper again seemed to put ideas in focus and help direct my intent in coloration. The second pose was nearly 50 minutes in length and hopefully I'll pull in needed time to complete the portrait. Had my weekend with time away from household responsibilities, nice place to be, but have to stay on track with the race to stay afloat and ahead of catastrophes. Can I squeeze more time in before the weekend? Maybe if I get off the computer.


Bob said...

Hey he looks familiar!

butterfly woman said...

Interesting how the time limits of each pose whether 50 or 15, seem to make a difference in your creative style. These pieces seem more solid to me, but still love the lines and colors. Neat that Bob can see what you produce. That's got to be a kick!

april said...

interesting to see all the different colors combined. I have never done pastels.