Monday, February 23, 2009

Rach and Me

Took this photo a few weeks back when asked for telling note about first born child. Serendiptiously my daughter and older son both dropped in at same time so I had a camera man. Really had to edit picture as for some bizarre reason my gray hair was causing static and my head was glittering.
Recovering now from my ruptured appendix. Just when you think you're ducks are in a row, life happens. I've got much to do to get back on track. Spent the weekend with my Mom and napped in her sunny windows. I guess I missed a lot of foul weather during my hospital stay. Sun is shining today and melting the snow. Hopefully I'll be able to enjoy some of my forced vacation time this week. Now to get the washing machine fixed!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It's a full moon!

The moon has entranced me this week as well as the sunsets and sunrises. The stars tonight are twinkling and gorgeous. My cat food supply came through tonight and I breath a little easier knowing that I needn't budget them into this weeks allotment. Now for some parrot food! Or maybe some squirrel food? Seed to fill the bird feeders?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Morning Contemplations

I'll have to try this again when the opportunity arises, the flash distorted colors. The sun was bright pink and the skies more hued to match. I was glad I was home to see this. Usually on the job when the sun hits this spot. I really wanted to just set and watch, but eventually the chord was evident that day had begun and I must scurry along to catch up. Now to get to the drawing table!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Lost Ibex

Embossing done from a linoleum relief. I had done an edition of this little rock climber with ink...titled Young Ibex, but edition shown here without ink has facinated a few. You'll find the little one nestled between the rocks of a craggy cliff. He's also available at the Black Iris Gallery for $75.00. Sandwich, IL

Friday, February 6, 2009

Man From Dyrehaven

One of the works I have for sale at Black Iris Gallery. I worked with an image of an old Irish farmer, absolutely adored those facial lines! It is an embossed linocut priced at $100.00.
Black Iris Gallery 32 East Railroad St., Sandwich,IL 60548 815-786-3131

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Lauren and Sylvia posed full evening together with minimal gestures to warm up. Work in progress...looking at a background developement to pop them out.
My life had twists unexpected today...ran out of the house an hour early this morning thinking I was late! Sat at work 20 minutes before I went in neighboring business and called the boss wondering what had happened to the rest of staff. At least I had reading material with me! Taught this group of 4th to 6th graders who had been allowed to push their last teacher around. We righted that and next week will hopefully be much more cooperative. At home, recycling bin was blowing away across the cornfield! Drop in temperatures and icy wind...knee deep snow crossing the ditches! Last thing I wanted to do was drive into Naperville...but I did want to get there and get some drawing time in. Sir Speedy deivered my new business cards there, so I'm back in business. Thanks Scott!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Black Iris Gallery

I have prints and drawings up at Black Iris Gallery in Sandwich through the end of May. A trip to the gallery Saturday was included in part of my peculiar day. I was overjoyed to find she accepted seven of my pieces. Wonderful frame shop and gallery tucked downtown historic Sandwich, IL.
Above intaglio print titled "the Trillium and JD" is available there at $100.00.
JD is a bittersweet memory of a Labrador retriever I acquired to prevent an associates eviction. He was so smart and loved life. We took regular jaunts to Starved Rock for exercise excursions. I had a hunter friend of mine training him so that he had more time outdoors where he wanted to be. At my parents cottage...he would run the docks length and dive out over the swim in and repeat his joyous play. That is where his leap photo oped. He was stolen from me, I placed his memory here among the trillium where I knew his heart lived.

Saturday's Cheshire Cat Moon

A perfect ending to my day to ponder more of life's peculiarities! Hope Uta can see this very dark shot of the moon...there's a honeysuckle bush in the foreground.