Monday, February 23, 2009

Rach and Me

Took this photo a few weeks back when asked for telling note about first born child. Serendiptiously my daughter and older son both dropped in at same time so I had a camera man. Really had to edit picture as for some bizarre reason my gray hair was causing static and my head was glittering.
Recovering now from my ruptured appendix. Just when you think you're ducks are in a row, life happens. I've got much to do to get back on track. Spent the weekend with my Mom and napped in her sunny windows. I guess I missed a lot of foul weather during my hospital stay. Sun is shining today and melting the snow. Hopefully I'll be able to enjoy some of my forced vacation time this week. Now to get the washing machine fixed!


Bob said...

Wow, ruptured appendix! I was wondering why things have been slow here. Take care of you and get well.


Laura said...

I love your gray hair! looks good and take it easy, keeping you in well healing prayers lady.

Anonymous said...

Get well soon! It's a beautiful photo of you and your daughter.
Julie x UK x

butterfly woman said...

What a beautiful photo of the two of you. Such wonderful smiling faces.
So glad you are on your feet again, Doris. Sitting in sunny window sounded healing to me.
Have missed your lively and loving spirit around here.
I continue to send you healing energy and warm thoughts.

Doris said...

Thanks everyone! I have Whale Song on now and think I'll put my feet up a spell!

Uta said...

Glad to hear you're on the mend Doris. Take care of yourself, Captain Destructo needs you.

april said...

Oh Doris! So glad to see your face here finally! We sure did all miss you. And I know your furry friends were glad to have you back home. Take it easy if you can and yes, hope you get that probably well-needed vacation anyway, and yes - a very nice photo of you and your daughter.

april said... are you?

Anonymous said...

How are you doing Doris? Thinking of you, here in England, love julie x

Laura said...

Don't hold back Lady, it's been a while since you shared on here and we miss it. Love to read your words and share a story or too!