Monday, February 2, 2009

Black Iris Gallery

I have prints and drawings up at Black Iris Gallery in Sandwich through the end of May. A trip to the gallery Saturday was included in part of my peculiar day. I was overjoyed to find she accepted seven of my pieces. Wonderful frame shop and gallery tucked downtown historic Sandwich, IL.
Above intaglio print titled "the Trillium and JD" is available there at $100.00.
JD is a bittersweet memory of a Labrador retriever I acquired to prevent an associates eviction. He was so smart and loved life. We took regular jaunts to Starved Rock for exercise excursions. I had a hunter friend of mine training him so that he had more time outdoors where he wanted to be. At my parents cottage...he would run the docks length and dive out over the swim in and repeat his joyous play. That is where his leap photo oped. He was stolen from me, I placed his memory here among the trillium where I knew his heart lived.


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april said...

Oh, how sad. This is a wonderful piece you did in his honor.