Friday, June 25, 2010

Woodland Nymph?

I was going to replace previous pix with thes taken outdoors. (Sorry about the shadows!)But thought Id just share the real colors I was experimenting with. Didn't mean to turn Jordan into a wood nymph, but she is still lovely in blue.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Jordan in Blue

My photos did not show well, I worked in shades of blue last night. A little birdie told me too. The first sketch was done in color pencil and some turquoise or greens were showing up on the paper.

My second sketch was done in hard pastels, obviously a little brown or orange appeared.
It was so good to be back among like minds. There were quite a few artists there as Jordan is rather special. I debated going, my time constraints and lack of finances were saying no, but it's been three weeks since I picked up a pencil. And then, out on my lunchtime walk I picked up a pair of gloves, a blue china plate (without even a chip!) and a second blue bunting this week. And of course my milestones. So I now have two little bluebirds waiting for me to sketch and I had some practice mixing those blues...

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Photo's were not allowed inthe Matisse exhibit, nor were sketchbooks. But I snapped these three shots from the new Modern Art Wing. Matisse's work is really incredulous!

Art Institute Artist Date

We took a holiday! Met up with Laura on the train. Was anxious to see Matisse exhibit before it's over. Really wonderful day. Not as hot as expected and we were indoors when the heavy rains hit. Walked the new Modern Wing, saw Matisse before a lunchbreak and again afterwards. Early on, there were quite heavy crowds in the exhibit that balanced out after lunch. Kinda late to say it's a must see, yet will be up another week. Before heading back to the train, we took a walk around Mellinium Park. Laura grabbed this distorted photo of us in the kidney bean sculpture. Total brain stimulation for the day.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Jordan's back for summer/new Conte hard pastels

Jordan had some beautiful poses and I struggled along using a foreign palette of new/ old hard pastels I picked up at LaGrange Art League garage sale presale. Always more to learn. It was needed to see some familiar faces and view other's work, but now I'm wiped out and sleep deprived.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cancer Survivor Day!

Went with Mom to Blackberry Farm for a free luncheon. Amazed at the number of survivors attending... from Rush Copley hospital in Aurora. Mom is five year survivor now. Fantastic weather for a picnic! Pioneer Park at Blackbery Farm is a wonderful historical park with museums of early city and rural life, with demonstrations happening in blacksmithing, wood carving, pottery throwing and spinning wheel. We enjoyed a train ride around the park. New log cabin home to see yet, off the beaten path. Precious farm babies to capture. We left early, after lunch so Mom could attend my nephew's graduation too!

The motherload

I am so fortunate! Last volunteer day at LaGrange Art League, I was able to presale items getting prepped for this Saturday's garage sale at LGAL. $30.00 for all the papers, pencils, brushes, acrylics and pencils I might have. Believe that the garage sale is Sept 12th. The best kind of sale. Check it out!