Saturday, June 12, 2010

Art Institute Artist Date

We took a holiday! Met up with Laura on the train. Was anxious to see Matisse exhibit before it's over. Really wonderful day. Not as hot as expected and we were indoors when the heavy rains hit. Walked the new Modern Wing, saw Matisse before a lunchbreak and again afterwards. Early on, there were quite heavy crowds in the exhibit that balanced out after lunch. Kinda late to say it's a must see, yet will be up another week. Before heading back to the train, we took a walk around Mellinium Park. Laura grabbed this distorted photo of us in the kidney bean sculpture. Total brain stimulation for the day.


Laura said...

The whole trip was great even the parts of art work that didn't settle all that great there settling in now. Made in Impression on me. I was thinking of the some of the shots you got of the alley ways...some nice images for prints...hmmm I know Maddie would like that..she's a alley junkie too. She love the rough urban city behind the scene shots

april said...

Oooooo want to see those shots! Love these though. The whole bean photo is great, and love seeing the two of you in the other! And look at those lions, always dressed for the current celebration. Love seeing the Matisse paintings.