Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Oswego Cultural Arts

A pleasent evening it was. The crowd seemed small at first, but gradually filled the reception area. I had my demo set up to peak interest in my corner. seems I left with only half the stack of business cards I brought. I really set up a nice display(sorry I didn't photo that!)to show relief printing. Made two unexpected sales. Was just trying to get my cards out there. Kendall Arts Guild President bought my bird print, "Hunger" and a new fan of mine bought a print hot off the press of "The Flag" As I didn't have change for her twenty she paid me $15. in gold coins! Now what do I say to that? Lovely lady with gold, and what shall I do with it? Certainly it will go into inheritance coins for my children! Is it income if you don't spend it? It was a wonderful evening of entertainment. Wonderful classic guitar...little dancers...tongue in cheek play recittal...youth's composed music for summer musical...interpretive readings, really a wonderful array of local talents.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spring Into the Arts

Spring into the Arts
Wednesday, April 29th
6:30 – 9:00 p.m.
Oswego Village Hall Lobby

A free evening of local cultural arts entertainment with performances by the Oswego Playhouse, the Fox River Academy of Music and Arts, the Toastmasters, Storm Dance Alliance, Limelight Theatre and the Kendall Arts Guild. Light refreshments will be served as well as the opportunity to talk to the artists after each performance.
For more information about the event or the Cultural Arts Commission, please call 630-554-3618.

I am displaying several framed pieces for evening exhibit!
I will also be demonstrating relief printmaking, somewhat ad lib as at this point I've done zero preparation! That is just fine as I expect to be speaking to individuals as the alloted time for demo has been taken by Kendall Arts Guild President with presentation about the Guild. And if I get put on the spot...wish me luck!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Forget me Not?

I wonder is the top photo, forget me nots? I've planted it several times only to come up with a weeds full of burrs! I don't recall planting grape hyacinths here, and the pear trees are in full bloom! If only I had time in the garden!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Spring is here!

The bush project continues. Actually it's not been touched by me since last Saturday, but it is one of the reasons the dogs consider me the best pack leader ever! I give them mud! Actually they'd prefer a little attention, but it's the next best thing. I had to share the yellow tulips that opened today...with the high winds they could be gone tomorrow. The red blooms have a little more protection, but are a week old already! I intended to take some shots of the grape hyacinths in ditches on my lunchtime walk but forgot to reload the camera batteries! I expect they'll be there Monday when I next walk at lunch.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Quick Sketches of Patti

After a hard day, it was wonderful to have Patti's adventurous poses! She didn't do a lengthy pose, but her endless variety of gestures and short poses made for a wonderful evening. Of course I really needed to draw this evening. A week between artworks is far too long! Patti had fantastic gestures...maybe I'll share tomorrow...wanted to put up her short poses...but the gestures were mostly but one foot on the floor balancing acts! She's the greatest!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Unfinished Weekend Project

Picking up after the dogs I noticed that finally some tree roots were decayed. So.. I went and tugged in this old stump that several bushes had been hiding. I hadn't planted the bushes, but let them cover the eyesore. They blocked light and view of my backyard and I'd been planning on removing them. The stump toppled when I pushed on it. The time is now to remove them, but I wasn't able to finish the project in a day. Wondering when my next day off is? Neighbor has already cut his lawn and I still need to fix my tractor! The dogs loved my mud hole! The floors I had cleaned earlier in the day are now covered in a fresh layer of earth. I should just plant lawn in the livingroom.
P.S. I just love roots!

Go Figure Reception

The afternoon was quite sucessful! Crowds of people viewing the exhibit from opening to close of the day. Unfortunately the show is so short lived. You can see Laura's demo drew a lot of interest! I'll need to make arrangements for two pieces this week. So many directions and so very little time.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rachel is 25 today!

Rachel and RC

Ending a class session today, rather than starting one. Only one enrollment and I need six to hold a class. The one student had a very sucessful hour with one on one learning and a fistful of take home projects to think about. So yet another cut in income...and a little more time flexibility. Rushed home to let the dogs out make some calls to babies and meet them at Grandma's for a small birthday gathering. Easter leftovers and no time to find a special gift so that's yet another project. Relief to hear recently of Rachel's raise and promotion which hiked hours and pay. A little less stress on my baby is a little less stress on me. God knows I have enough of my own stress to share. RC's concrete work for his Dad is keeping him nourished. I wonder how Randell is doing out in Colorado?

I asked RC to play music at Go Figure opening and he said his music is too vulgar, but might consider a practice session and prepare something. So Ska music is punk something? One day my brain will work at the same time I ask the question and get an answer. Maybe when he shocks me with his vulgar music. So I asked nephew Rod for who entertains at local club and he doesn't feel up to solo. The two may work something up. Oh no, what have I started?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Good session, although I lost Ashley's face. Color pencil can be so unforgiving. Once it's down there ain't no going back. But I felt successful with color this evening and worked rather arduously at my "discreet" pose. Ashley's first time with us, but a seasoned model. She wasn't interested in holding poses that might possibly cause discomfort. Hmmff. But she was lovely and professional. Although she did arrive but two minutes before session. We were wondering which of us would have to suffice in event of cancellation. I've barely been home this past week and the dogs are lacking attention. We may all go crazy together. I'll check in then!
P.S. Thanks to Little Wren for the lovely surprise!

Monday, April 13, 2009


Friday, I came home to find a pleasant surprise. Money in the mail! One of this edition of prints had sold in March. It was rather affirming. Someone purchasing non-essential in the depth of recession? I really believe it all has begun to turn around and although there are still job cuts and shortages, there is new growth on the horizon. How appropiate in the season of rebirth. Extra hours, extra deadlines, extra demands upon my time have left me short on sleep and yes, a little brain dead.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Disconcerting Day!

The moon is not quite full and yet the evening was not as I had intended. There were accidents and ambulances to pull over for on my way into drawing this evening and the same on my return home. I wasn't expecting Gerry to model this evening and brought small paper hoping to get another frameable piece for the upcoming Go Figure exhibit. Gerry is very long and I have a difficult time keeping him on the page. He has very interesting gesture poses and is fun to draw, but longer poses include body shifts that change from beginning to end and color pencil does not adapt well to shifts. I'm taxed enough to begin with as I still don't have necessary bifocals and need my glasses to see distance and have to take them off to see close up. I have been life drawing with my glasses on...which tends to make them contours since I can't see the page! Double whammied this evening as they tried a candlelit pose that left my colors in the dark. I'm not sharing it. It's been written off as lessons learned.

Monday, April 6, 2009


My very first clay project! Wrapped around a ballon to make a hippopotamus bank! Never used for saving money, hung around my houseplants for 36 years! Most of my clay projects have been knocked over or dropped, but hippo keeps hanging with me!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Who is Suspect?

I spent the day doing unplanned yard work as someone again chewed a hole through the fencing! I do suspect it was Captain Destructo but Lucky is not above that behavior...or maybe they were in cahoots! It was a beautiful day to work in the yard but the fence line did absorb my whole day and loads of energy too! I ran wire fencing inside my fence, since the boards I had replaced before were chewed again! So many of those projects on future agendas were mixed in as I needed to dig out small trees under the fence line and trim back bushes to get near the fence in sections. There is a great bonfire waiting for another day. I had laundry drying on the line too. I had hoped a bike ride would also fit in. Adventures in my backyard.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


This is a relief plate carved from wood paneling that I did at 12 years of age. Don't recall pulling any prints off it but I must have as it's stained with inks. Reminds me of a cave painting. I might hand pull a couple prints, but my critical eye might just expect me to rework the carving. I won't do that. I'll put it on a maybe someday project idea...maybe work some mono prints off it's plan. I thought about this old plate when Uta had photoed Kangaroo crossing sign! The spring whimsy that is floating through the tribe is quite catching!