Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Good session, although I lost Ashley's face. Color pencil can be so unforgiving. Once it's down there ain't no going back. But I felt successful with color this evening and worked rather arduously at my "discreet" pose. Ashley's first time with us, but a seasoned model. She wasn't interested in holding poses that might possibly cause discomfort. Hmmff. But she was lovely and professional. Although she did arrive but two minutes before session. We were wondering which of us would have to suffice in event of cancellation. I've barely been home this past week and the dogs are lacking attention. We may all go crazy together. I'll check in then!
P.S. Thanks to Little Wren for the lovely surprise!


Laura said...

These are beautiful... is there time to frame them up???

butterfly woman said...

LOVE the first pose. Love the chair. Model looks moody and anti-social. I continue to love you sharing your personal reflections of your sketch night. That she didn't want to hold difficult poses and your hmmmpf makes me laugh. So you all would pose if model didn't show up? Kudos, that's brave!

Doris said...

No time to frame for Go Figure exhibit,
and Bev we would be clothed, of course.