Sunday, April 26, 2009

Forget me Not?

I wonder is the top photo, forget me nots? I've planted it several times only to come up with a weeds full of burrs! I don't recall planting grape hyacinths here, and the pear trees are in full bloom! If only I had time in the garden!


Laura said...

isn't nice though when you had time you are now enjoying it.


Bob said...

I have grape hyacinths all over my lawn and I never planted a one. I think the squirrels have stolen some bulbs from my neighbors and buried them in my front lawn. Kind of a nice effect actually.. too bad I had to mow them down yesterday.

april said...

Love those grape hyacinths! What's the matter with my squirrels? All so pretty, Doris. I do have the Cleveland Pear and it's majestic!

Doris said...

Cleveland Pear? Is it a fake pear? I've been trying to figure why the fruit sets but never grows! I bought my pear trees from National Arbor Day Foundation and they were supposed to be dwarf, and grow pears!

Bob said...

I've got a tree called a Bradford Pear. It's fruit more resembles a crab apple. But it does bloom rather nicely this time of year.

Woo hoo gardening talk on an art blog ;-)