Monday, April 13, 2009


Friday, I came home to find a pleasant surprise. Money in the mail! One of this edition of prints had sold in March. It was rather affirming. Someone purchasing non-essential in the depth of recession? I really believe it all has begun to turn around and although there are still job cuts and shortages, there is new growth on the horizon. How appropiate in the season of rebirth. Extra hours, extra deadlines, extra demands upon my time have left me short on sleep and yes, a little brain dead.


april said...

Congratulations! What a nice surprise to come home to!

Laura said...


butterfly woman said...

How about people paying for essential things like art from the heart? As your pieces are.I think love and simplicity are coming back to the world and people recognize that and are going within themselves to find out what truly matters.
So happy for you.

Uta said...

Doing the dance of joy for your sale. Hope there are many more for you :)