Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rachel is 25 today!

Rachel and RC

Ending a class session today, rather than starting one. Only one enrollment and I need six to hold a class. The one student had a very sucessful hour with one on one learning and a fistful of take home projects to think about. So yet another cut in income...and a little more time flexibility. Rushed home to let the dogs out make some calls to babies and meet them at Grandma's for a small birthday gathering. Easter leftovers and no time to find a special gift so that's yet another project. Relief to hear recently of Rachel's raise and promotion which hiked hours and pay. A little less stress on my baby is a little less stress on me. God knows I have enough of my own stress to share. RC's concrete work for his Dad is keeping him nourished. I wonder how Randell is doing out in Colorado?

I asked RC to play music at Go Figure opening and he said his music is too vulgar, but might consider a practice session and prepare something. So Ska music is punk something? One day my brain will work at the same time I ask the question and get an answer. Maybe when he shocks me with his vulgar music. So I asked nephew Rod for who entertains at local club and he doesn't feel up to solo. The two may work something up. Oh no, what have I started?

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Laura said...

Happy Birthday Rachel! congrats on the raise and promotion.

And for the guy playing at the Go Figure opening that would be cool!