Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ms Badger I Presume

These are the Montgomery train track rock formations that I pull my milestones from. There's another section my winter rocks came from, but high grasses prevent me from entering that area at present. The culvert in the photo is Ms. Badger's front porch, or maybe back porch since she hasn't invited me in. For some time now I'd hear movement of rocks while across the street and feared my old foe Snake was in town. Ms. Badger has an unusual message, to remove unnecessary blocks or shall we say rocks from our daily living. Her tidiness is reputable. In my mind's eye I can see her tapping her foot with an apron around her waist. What famous storybook is that from? We've met before, but where? Her digging beneath the surface ties her presence to the mysteries of the underworld. Bold and ferocious, she fights to the death.She lacks friends, and compatriot expression. She is the keeper of stories. I wonder as I consider her poor capabilities at developing friendships that maybe we are to work hand in hand while persevering at the tasks at hand. Why hadn't Ms Badger showed herself present?

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Where Do I Begin?

Fitting title for her pose. Resonates with my day. New issues, old issues, unresolved issues. I rarely take any stock in horoscopes, but today hit the nail right in the head! "Don't give up-- you need to see today's projects all the way through to conclusion. Things are going to get weird, that's for sure, but you can handle it all, as long as you keep looking to the future." That don't give up phrase offered recently in kindness and the images of rhinoceroses still hold my mind. The connections to ancients bringing energy to solitude, spiritual idealism, high sensitivity to smell. Rhino aids in personal power and developing intuitions which will aid in the sharpening of instincts for discrimination and discernment. Are we lost yet? Today's angel of the day is the angel of discernment. I think I'm thoroughly confused as this is simply getting weird. So many lessons to learn, so very little time. I suppose listening to the ancients would be a very good place to start to work on discernment.Tomorrow I'll share my talk with badger.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Interesting contrast in lighting on this subject, she'd make great subject matter for a finished piece. I had been waiting for this glorious rain, although I had cut tall green weeds this week, much of the grass is still brown. Long hot day at my desk. I was so reprieved to need a few groceries and bring my temperature back down. As I loaded my van, I heard barking and sure enough some fool had left two chihuahuas in a car with windows cracked a couple inches. I re-entered store and asked for assistance. The clerk was willing to page the owner but couldnot call the police, I would need to do that. I don't have a cell phone and I prayed the owner was receptive. The figures are as such. In 30 minutes in the sun a cars interior temperature can climb 40 degrees. It was 94 degrees outside. That's baked doggies! I also have been adding ice to my fish tank so they don't cook on me. That was 85 degrees when I arrived home. The dog days of summer are upon us, and my evening ended with running for rescue food and stray neuter, soaked in the rain, loading and unloading. Onto a lighter subject, article written in today's Naperville Sun about experience at last Saturday's life drawing workshop. Enjoy!,6_5_NA29_HILARY_S1.article

Monday, July 28, 2008


Is this a seductive pose? A beautiful model with a beautiful demeanor. Simple quick sketch, but easy to identify, Translucent. I cut the lawn, and worked out in the pool before phone call with elder son in new rental with friends. At moments edge, daughter has committed herself to a new beau, leaving me wide open to comprehend and understand what she's not ready to recognize. However did my day become so complicated?

Sunday, July 27, 2008


I haven't decided on a title for this piece, but worked this weekend at matting and framing her. She is an excellent model, wonder if she's still working? So frequently a new model will fall in a pose and there's an actual shift of weight and no longer are you working from life, still shadows are available, but direction of limbs change when that release of muscle happens. But the model here, so completely professional, facial expressions even continue. It is consuming work to model, holding a pose will overwork a muscle and release allows a break for the artist and model alike. Flurry of activity this weekend, working to move art into a gallery I was accepted at...for $225.00 a month! Great location, promise of sales, but I traveled to the city with the intent of a $50.00 space and find $225.00 for a space that might only house one painting. So if your work is large,and you want to exhibit two pieces for the month would that be $450.00? The trip to Chicago was disheartening, as I drove back, the thought entered my mind, "Don't quit!" Not all galleries would offer what's perceived as an emerging artist space, but certainly any struggling gallery would take interest in receiving $225.00 for a 3' X 4' space. Ready to doze here, stayed up late and got up early to work on framing a new piece I'm ready to wipe out.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

A very long day and working yet

I started out with overtime early in the day, errands at noon, daily morning chores, until about two, cleaned the pool and a good workout before heading back out to evening job. Back home late matting up a sketch and attempting to stain a frame to match. I had a new frame but color was not suitable so pulled drawing out of old frame and experimenting with mediums in the house. I may end up painting it black again, but here's hoping experiments come to fruition. Off to sand a bit before turning in.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Pen and Ink

Searching for my portrait, I located this pen and ink sketch. I adore her pose, have to wonder what emotions has brought her to this position. Considering a title, hoping to get her framed up tomorrow afternoon between jobs.
The day today was very long. Feeling the lack of sleep all week. Had a fairly productive evening, but being shorthanded in the kitchen, indirectly shorthanded my tips. I had a table take their food to go and another table leave without their food. Hot heads in the kitchen not at all considering the effects on the customers as they aren't witnessing it. But I did fill up my gas tank which is a hundred percent improvement over last week...dipping into the lawn mower gas to make it through. Nice walk as expected, my friends not out this afternoon, but a good pace and the imagination has returned tenfold. My progress in uncovering my authentic self has been quite invigorating. But tomorrow morning's overtime will soon be upon me and it's time to ease that imagination into peaceful slumber.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wonderful Lunch Walk Today

I wanted o share my new self projection. A portrait by talented acquaintance Thomas Mahady of Glen Ellyn. We had been elbow artist for a time with life drawing sessions at at Naperville Art League. A few years back I ran into him in my town at a small gift shop in Yorkville. We met back up at Historic Courthouse where he was doing stencil painting at ceiling level, and I sat for this lovely rendition of myself. It is quite fitting as I've looked at the few and far between photos of myself with forced smiles. So cheers to Thomas, I'll have to send him a line and apprise him of my current facebook image with gratitude.
Today, as walked at noon,I brought my camera with me. Everyone (well not everyone) came out and posed! My friend the whistle pig, my dear hawk friend, and I located a mystery view I'd been watching for. That I'll share with uploads as with my dial up I've spent far too long on the computer and now have entered sleep hour. It was so much fun to have a camera with and big hugs and gratitude to Wolf Dancer for sharing old camera with me. Much, much yet to learn. It would go faster if I'd make time to about while my forever uploads are stealing my life away? People were out today walking, biking, mowing, visiting in parking lots, and my special friends Sunhawk and Whistlepig posed for the camera! I only hoped to see yesterdays moth, was searching online for reference and there are far too many moths with far too few measurements and clear photos for me to identify the beauty I witnessed yesterday. I'd been working on photos to share today and if I can deal with my dial up issues, I'll have new images for the next week. Ta ta!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Past Due Bedtime

I read some guidelines for positive attitudes today and A#1 on my list of to dos was getting to bed a half hour earlier. Well that's gone and so is my improved attitude. Was searching to discover the identity of a beautiful large yellow moth I saw today, and was not as yet successful. It had wings three inches long, must have spread five inches wide, basically yellow with a couple brown spots. No patterns. I watched it struggle to fly appearing quite heavy. It seemed as if it had just emerged from its cocoon. Some spirals and dive bomb stunts finally up again and resting in small tree. If only I had my camera with me. Tomorrow I will take it to work and attempt to upload some pictures to share. Looking for a portrait of myself to share by a friend, I came across some forgotten drawings that I photoed and if all goes well may be able to share tomorrow. I've had a buggy day, getting bit while hanging laundry, setting at my desk, (wonder when the vacuum comes by?),and while I cook, bugs dropping in to try my glass of wine. I currently have what I would define as the eebie jeebies. Psychosomatic bugs everywhere! Well off with intents for new and improved attitude tomorrow. Good night!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Life in General

Really high on drawing tonight, had a cup of coffee so that driving wouldn't be weary and the night flowed so well, well...once I got on the road and there. Really wanted to come home and spend a couple more hours drawing. I think Saturday got me quite spoiled drawing 5 1/2 hours. Nice walk today, a bit cooler so was enjoying my pace and listening to all the beautiful bird songs. Seems they don't sing when it's too hot. The hawk was on a lower branch today, I watched him preen his feathers, preoccupied with the lovely mottling of freckles upon his chest. As I walked away(which was quite difficult to do) I listened to a soft screech that was meant for me. I turned and wanted to stay, but my lunch is only so long and I was to travel back. The soft screeches continued, I reached my distance and turned back, still the exchange continued between preening and tucking his head around. I was overjoyed to have had such dialogue with my wild friend. I wondered where the snakes were that he might feed upon, and watched for badger who is continuing to move dirt and rocks around outside his den. But he's not showing himself. How many days I heard those rocks move while across the street and assumed it had been the shy turtle sliding down the bank again. Today was certainly a positive day, the kind that brings all the troubles and anxiety back down to rational size.

Monday, July 21, 2008

My Sunflower

Here is my gratitude. The flower I hadn't planted and yet there when I needed it. I suppose throwing birdseed to the wind counts as planting. The week has already started on an exhausted direction. I've downloaded several pictures, in several postings back. Waiting, waiting, waiting while dial up churns out what I'd asked for, but gave up on receiving. And somehow, someone, somewhere sees that lacking and reports it. Jeeez... I am enjoying a new book, Sound of Paper by Julia Cameron. Also reading, I'd Rather Be in the Studio by Alyson B. Stanfield, no excuses for marketing your art. Long overdue read. Wonderful gift from beautiful friend.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Another piece in Naperville Art League's "Freedom Frail as Glass' exhibit. This piece is also color pencil on charcoal paper, the image size is 8 X 11. Framed at $150.00. Somehow, unintentionally, I think she is very vulnerable and fragile although unaware of any ill intent which may compromise her freedoms.
Finally a day without work and I took time out to rest, exercise, sun and read. Lots of laundry interspersed and sweeping and mopping to freshen the house for the busy week ahead. Was watching the clock, fully intending on giving myself an hour at days end to draw, but ended up doing task assignment of collage of images capturing my interest in a few magazines. I chose images without people, landscapes from the Serengeti to Alaska, New Mexico and Northeast Coastline. A shrine of our Lady of Guadalupe and inner city clay structures, maybe Morocco. Images of almonds and vegetables. Whale, cougar, swans, nut thrasher, prairie dogs, sea turtles, hippopotamuses, caribou and a cardinal to add brilliance. Took my thoughts way back, to where my inspiration was found in World Wildlife magazines, and International Wildlife, sometimes in my children's issue of My Big Backyard. There were no people. The phrase included, "The road less traveled is no road at all" in keeping with my beliefs in road less parks. A fun task, interesting as to where images peak interest.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Freedom, Frail as Glass

New exhibit at Naperville Art League, "Beads" is one of two pieces I'm exhibiting there this month. She's done in color pencil on charcoal paper, image size 6-1/2 X 9-1/2. $150.00 framed. Not quite fitting with theme of exhibit "Freedom, Frail as Glass" but gracing the gallery with her presence.
I had a lovely day with life drawing workshop. 5-1/2 hours of sketching and drawing. Instructor Natalie's Bio: Natalie Leivant has painted the figure for the last decade in Indianapolis, Indiana. Her primary areas of focus have been figure drawing and oil painting. She has a Bachelor of Fine Art from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and a teaching degree from Indiana University Bloomington. Natalie has experience teaching all ages and levels of skill.
She is quite young, and very kind. It was really a great feeling to give myself so much time, I'll have to try that again another day...5-1/2 hours, I'm ready.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Heat has scambled the brain

Didn't post yesterday as I was pretty sure I had nothing else to say. Certainly I didn't as I found myself repeating last weeks tales to Gina at second job tonight. I'm so tired but can't seem to get off the treadmill of my life. Alarming week full of consideration for what I perceive as rest of summer. Cooled off in pool after late night and brought body temp down to normal. Overtime finally available and I'm committed to life workshop tomorrow. Losing more money than workshop costs and that was a stretch for me. But I sooooo need to spend a day away accomplishing sketching time. So tomorrow I draw and appreciate time off. I should be working two shifts Saturdays through Labor Day? Here is where I totally fell off dieting last summer, exercise too. Lack of sleep frazzles the best of intentions. I consider that a hat at walking times in the sun may protect the brain from the long summer heat. I so enjoy the heat, but it's dog days, for lolling about the pool and haphazard pulling weeds in the shade, not dozing in front of work computer hoping I don't break my nose as I drop down. But tomorrow is a big day, a day I need to play with some colors and feel, record and remember what living is. So off to bed, for a full nights rest before a very important play day!
Found this enjoyable sketch at

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'm melting

Today I walked as usual in the noon heat. I hadn't expected any creatures to be about and was overjoyed to see a pair of blue herons rise up over the creek. The wings were massive as I was so near, ands yet so far as trees, shrubs, and winding creek obscured good view. One perched atop the fallen beaver logs and I waited awhile, peering before moving forward again. As I stopped to increase my rock collection, I saw rocks tumbling near a culvert opening. A badger poked its nose out, not once but twice before deciding to stay inside. I took that opportunity to select two new rocks and waited again, hoping for another glimpse. I gave up first and continued on in the heat. I was melting and was so looking forward to the turning point where I would again face light breezes. I found a deep blue marble alongside a penny and picked them up for good luck all the day. My henna and clay mask arrived at health food store so after both jobs and a pool workout, I'm blogging with a little pampering and a glass of wine.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Creating Change

"A miracle worker is not geared toward fighting the world that is but toward creating the world that could be." ~ Marianne Williams
Social activism has been a part of my existence since early days of Camp Fire Girls when I strove to achieve all the citizenship beads I could. Early days of boy scout recycling, cleaning dog food cans, bags filled in garage for collection events. Many of the girls couldn't believe I accomplished so many tasks for the community and larger world, but they were my dedication, even mortification of deep belief. When approached by Anti Vivisection Society to spread word of the horrors committed against my animal companions and wild spirit earth members, I began to boycott. My spending dollars made a difference to those endearing to me. Today, I write my syndicated ad article on animal behavior and cruelty prevention. This weeks edition, reran old article on heatstroke. Constant reminders of necessary care and prevention. As many have asked why I put so many years and energy into Art Appreciation in public school system, I may have suggested I was preening future sales of my art. I do need to create that new art for them now.Often I hear of young adults who want to send well wishes and remember the giving of my time fondly, a stark contrast to the competition of adults vying for front and center of art community. It's tiring. Effects certainly will be short lived as self proclaimed honors of degrees and education that brought them to this? Rather than having learned cooperation and self giving in kindergarten, they learned to step on others to climb to the top. Well what happens when the group of people beneath cannot cooperate? The whole pyramid comes crashing down. Tyranny rather than leadership. It's the children who still will listen, that can actively change the world, rarely are adults capable of hearing the truths of the tales told.

Monday, July 14, 2008


"By perseverance the snail reached the ark." ~Charles Hodden Spurgeon
Today I noticed a wonderful snail drawing in April's Art Blog. Perseverance has been a life theme, and now it needs to be a goal oriented action. Certainly I can progress as the snail, in slow purposeful increments. Or...did the snail tag along outside the boat uninvited? Does it really matter? Today had been about faith, keeping it strong amongst the obstacles we call life. Morning chores, work with tiny upstarts to deal with, early evening pool workout before Holy Hour. Catching up with meditative readings. And hoping that the days will come that my art is the center of the days. Until then, I must persevere like the snail who manages to accomplish removal of vision blocking algae. Who would have guessed that today's muse might be a snail? Possibly Charles Hodden Spurgeon.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

OK, Now the weekend ends

Willie says. "you were always on my mind." Such beautiful music, tums the keyboard into a keyboard. "Little things I should have said and done." Ok. So we've drifted into Sonny and Cher, "Babe, I got you babe." Ok. I may have to turn the oldies off to get through this post! I just remembered I have ice cream! Ran late to mass, think I left the house open and dogs free. Guess they enjoyed it. After I visited my folks and arrived home, they greeted me as normal, but nobody needed to rush out the door! I did some weeding this afternoon, in-between pool workouts. With weather being a bit cooler and breezes, didn't need to cool off in pool, but did need to get muscles stretched and lungs worked out. Laundry out on the line, bed is fresh for the week. While Rachel was home, had her assistance at trimming the Dixie's little toes. Interesting, she was snapping at me, not Rach...she knew who held the trimmers. But they are cleaned up and her little toes are healthy again. Burned my green weeds this evening. Nice to watch a fire. Used recycling paper to get it going, and the green branches and weeds are now history and I can start over with more weeds and more branches. So many intentions for each day. Never really rational as only a superhero or mythical deity could accomplish what I expect from myself each day. Need to pull back into Abe Lincoln's quotes, "When I do good, I feel good; when I do bad, I feel bad. That is my religion." So I've done a good day, why isn't it enough? Some ice cream is overdue.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Weeks End

Tonight had been slow, last night was good pace at work and was hoping another evening of good tips would bring some relief. But very slow start and later diners had not picked up either. Fortunately I hadn't splurged my gas money when I was out on artist date this afternoon. Went to Naperville Woman's Club Art Fair to see what I might see. Laura's booth was doing well, with several sales while I was there. She was next to jeweler with natural leaf type earrings that I avoided carefully. I'd been hoping to get a new pair of earrings, but will probably pick out a pair at Imagine On Main. I suppose I need to replace bracelet broken recently which was my regular wear. Met a color-pencil artist from Geneva who I may consider a class or two with, and a great printmaker with whimsical pieces from Missouri. Had intended to check out another printmaker in the show, but local news was prepping to do a live interview with him, and I had errands yet to fill. Found out quite surreptitiously online that a Fruitful Yield had opened in Oswego! Had grand opening yesterday and shelves were still not filled so the few items I intended to splurge on were not in stock. Picked up several necessities and placed special order for those not in. Days events were on wish list and many tasks yet undone. Hoping better weather for second day of Fair for Laura. Muggy today after morning showers. Still more to catch up on, and much figuring in days to come.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sleep Deprivation

As the week progresses, I keep hoping enough sleep will be part of my schedule. Another day and early to bed has passed before me. But days end brought visit from my son, RC. He'd been by while I was still at work and stopped again shortly after I arrived home for the evening. Central station seems to be. Rachel stopped into shower and Loyal to take her away again. The intimidating storms rode through, we were all in and anticipating it's severity. We'd not been hit like many communities losing power, with downed trees and flash flooding. As we all seemed to outrun that storm and arrive here, was expecting tornado watch or warning on news. Didn't come. Even severe thunderstorm warnings were not evident. Cold air has sent me for warm clothes. RC is just home from concert in Michigan and heading to Colorado to gather his belongings. It seems to disappoint him that many friends cancel plans that he initiates. Way of the world. Way of surviving. He's a scout, will subsist on very little to create his adventures. Not many people actually know how to survive on minimals. Part of scouting, part of our lives, getting by when there never was enough to. Reminisce. Hardship still in the face. Seems so normal. Life still carries forward even when the bills are unpaid. Had a good walk today,imaginings. The eyes are once again dropping. Visits with children this evening, overdue. Lightening just hit close, power still on, truly I need sleep. Drifting away now. The if onlies hit? More thunder has dogs barking and time to close my eyes is here.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.

"Security is mostly a superstition. It doesn't exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is not safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing." ~Helen Keller
Certainly my debt collectors consider my life a daring adventure. Do I consider it adventure or nothing? Some of the labors I do have seemingly little effect on man or beast, quite a different pace than running the shelter previously. I often wonder if I need that constant giving of myself to community. Being able to help in times often dire. The emotional toll had been so strong, and anger quite evident daily dealing with mankind's cruelties and neglect. Facing many things others would not or could not fathom, there are prettier pictures to paint than reality. I sometimes forget the nightmares that followed witnessing many of the realities I learned. It is easier to run past, with eyes close tight in denial. Am I adventurous now is the real question or am I hanging onto that lifeboat forgetting that I really rather enjoy swimming? I am able to create some lite activism with my news articles for veterinarian, creating some understanding and empathy...of course the public would need to read them to be affected. But to really be adventurous, to put my creativity and my energies where they belong, am I ready to be a conduit for danger? Today's lunchtime walk I even avoided construction area, simply to step sideways of any contact with mankind. Picked some daises for my desk. Hoped my detour would bring me some fresh insight change of pace or scenery, but path I'd walked many times in many seasons. Remembered to pick up some fruits and vegetables after work...todays salad was weary and just a single apple left in the house.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Meltdown before Life

Humid day. So needed rain, not sure I received enough, but puddles for the birds to bathe in tomorrow. Nice lunch walk caught breezes that swirled and lifted spirits. Somehow the heat shared frustration with poor skills at computer. Why can't they come with verbal understanding instead of a bunch of symbols which have not carried meaning for me? I suppose the heat didn't help, my fan was blowing hot air at me, and I simply had a nauseous head. Home before life drawing...caught online note that group was on, collecting, gathering supplies and where oh where is my pencil box? Not in sight. Maybe under car seat? Not there either. Rushed around assuming I had left it at last life drawing group. Quick bite of dinner, even coffee to go as the heat made my eyes heavy driving. Grabbing an assortment of pencils, a trail case, another sharpener? Ha! I found one sufficient. Found my Borders coupon. Off on the road. Such anxiety hit. I couldn't recall seeing Capt Destructo or the Dixie chihuahua either. Turned back home. Chihuahua safe inside...I had left Captain in the yard! Grateful for the bout of anxiety that brought him back in, checked around, counted noses and back on the road again. Picked up Sound of Paper by Julia Cameron, next reading with artist way blog group. Had ordered it in at Borders. Finally at life, had waited two weeks for this night. Peeked around corners, hoping to find my misplaced pencils. None. Great exercises for the evening! David had suggested a series of poses in succession, like slow motion action. It was challenging. We broke up the series with a couple 20 minute poses that were a welcome relief, but the series poses were truly invigorating. Model had used parasol as prop and hands were facinating! Packing my papers up for the evening, at the bottom of my portfolio lay the current slew of pencils I'd been comfortable with! All evening I was experimenting with pencils from bygone eras and a few never yet used. Not the reliable tones and depths of line I'd been favoring, but by night's end they were also friends I was capable of manipulating to achieve desired effects. So many varieties, hardness's and pigment variations in pencils, there always seems to be an old reliable you use till it's an inch stub in a pencil holder, and you buy that variety and hue again, while many others never even get sharpened! Meltdown survived, evening sucessful, artist date with experiments and fresh ideas. Moon glimmer before me throughout drive home, life beckons, but rest must be tended to first.

Monday, July 7, 2008

A Work Day's Tale

"I am seeking. I am striving. I am in it with all my heart." ~Vincent Van Gogh
Today he is my muse. Today the remembrance of my sister's passing brought crippling waves of sorrow. Does it help that artists write songs of loss? Vincent lived in the shadow of his departed brother Vincent. I am not in my sister's shadow, but I am seeking, striving, with all my heart for consolation, for the emotional stability she helped with. It doesn't get any easier, it just normalizes, the grief we all bear. Still, the day has been good to me, chiropractor screening showed extreme improvement. Hope the x-rays show improvement also. Not been fitting in necessary exercises for spinal progress. But scan so impressive, we'll consider at moment that x-rays will also show improvement. The increased immunity and life increasing repair has progressed well. I'm anxious for life drawing tomorrow night. Hope enough people are willing to come to pay model this week. I need to pull into drawing at home, the commission, the displayed work, and the pieces my mind has invented and anxiously waits for me to execute. Work that is done, and work yet to do. All that sets waiting for my cooperation. And still I balk at continuing pieces. The censor exclaims, so many hours, what if you ruin it? I suppose I start over but again that is intimidating. Evening work was pleasant, nice pace of patrons. Could have used a few more, but enough to keep focus through the closing hour. Nice visit as Rachel and Loyal came in for dinner. He apparently over tips. Someday to discuss that fault with him. Relaxed at nights end with Stephan on patio. Really healthy to take in a moment for relaxation and star gazing. Cloudy evening, but the breezes audible, presenting themselves as stirring whispers, something quite obviously in short supply. A full day of emotions and glimpses of what may become.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

A wonderful weekend!

A really good day, lots of accomplishments and a great visit with cousin Motherbear! A warmer day yet, was so looking forward to visit with Laura, she brought wonderful gifts to share and gave me her collage inspired by me! "My Darling Doris" really a beautiful piece, I felt so honored when she created it and connected when it received honors at Naperville Art League. The extra day of the weekend gave me extra time to catch up with a few tasks, and leave me looking in new directions. Took a nice hike at Kee Wee Saw parks. So enjoy the trails. Snapped a picture of poison ivy in it's glory. Was the only shot I took, should have taken a few more, but busy watching along the paths. Down in the gullies, a prehistoric type creature swimming in backed up winter water, or was it spring fed? What was it? A salamander or frog tadpole? Will have to do a tiny bit of research. The waters were very dark with rotting leaves.

When passing the river with canoes and kayaks enjoying a holiday the water itself very brown and muddy and still not receding. High and fast, last weekend a young man lost his life swimming with friends in river undertows. Annual event, so sad, why do people forget the lives taken by the water. Back at home,Capt Destructo had invaded Laura's bag. Several items chewed, like camera strap and covered book. A naughty boy, feeling disappointed in his quest for constant discovery. A good sign, an intelligent pup, sorely overdue for training! Visited a little longer in cool pool waters, a much safer place to swim. Still after visit, got bushes trimmed back and front sidewalk cleaned up some. Picked ton of cherries and cleaned and pitted them. Will need to decide what to do with them or get them in the freezer for later needs. Exhausted now, drifting away, so good bye, farewell, so sad to see you go! Goodnight...

Poison Ivy all it's summer glory!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Parade Day

Without Friday evening work I was able to get up and out the door to rosary and mass this morning, before heading to my folks to take in a parade with my Mom. Dad stayed home, had gone out last night to fireworks and was done for the holiday. Not many people in Sandwich that I know, so it was quite east to do some people studying. Being an ex-smoker, I was saddened by all the people so wrapped up in it they couldn't go an hour without. So glad I beat that addiction. Dad's best friend had passed away this week after a seven year battle with cancer, and it really hit him hard, his recovery has been so difficult and will it be worth all the hardship? His risks of cancer returning is minimal but still that alarming what if and why. So my sister and kids were in parade with 4-H float,they weren't looking our way and I didn't photo the backs of their heads. I did take some nice pix of cousins on their 4-wheelers from Pro Source Shop. Jimmy, his wife Jodi and sister Shelley, with new babies on board. It was nice to be a spectator. So lunch with my folks and back home to accomplish more in the weekend. My hands hurt from yesterdays labors. Cuts and swellings and blisters too. Took a bush off patio way back down to low level, cut back some mosquito shade and was able to get some burning caught up with. So dry out there, sparks caught a couple dry logs on pile and they needed to be added to the fire. Ended up hosing them down to go to work as the logs were large and would burn for some time. Sat with Rachel's boyfriend while she showered and he caught me up in his world happenings. Nice that he is comfortable talking, especially since I have shortage of small talk skills. Pool time and a little keeping up work. Off to work, was extremely slow, fortunately I expected it and wasn't frazzled by the lack of income. Pulled back into every other Monday shift, discussed I needed third Monday's of t he month off for networking meetings. Another day is over and I hear talk of Christmas already. I was planning on a very long slow summer.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Independance Day!

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday! Listening to Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture alongside PBS fireworks! Was any music more suitable? Besides Jerry Lee Lewis's Great Balls of Fire. Stayed in tonight, was busy building screen for North doorway. The screening too taut, but installed anyway, at the moment there are blisters rising from the job. Mowed today, bathroom cleaning, pool cleaning, much laundry out on line. The day quite prosperous for overdue task work. Ending the day with long overdue pedicure. The weather quite relaxing and evenings have been cool. Seems the corn is knee high and the flies have arrived and all is as expected for July 4th, 2008.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Almost the holiday!

How did the holiday work so well into a weekend? One job today, ran errand after errand this evening and have completed quite a few tasks already, leaving me open time to come. Banking, gas station, hardware store and grocery tonight. Was fixing myself a lite dinner when Rachel passed through, mentioned the fireworks in Morris and thought maybe she'd invite me if she were to go. I think she knew I really needed to tend to my breathing. I watched her rented video, "John Tucker Must Die" really a cute romantic comedy. I could have used a few more chapters. Maybe without it brings truths that were not expected. Thoroughly enjoyed. I had positive accomplishments at work today, saving some dollars, spending much more. Grateful that distributors are willing to vie for my accounts. Nice lunch walk as weather much cooler and walk warmed me through. Daisies still in bloom, postponed picking fresh flowers for my desk till Monday. Tomorrow I promised Mom I'd make the Sandwich parade with her to see nieces an nephew in 4-H float. Odd I hadn't mentioned that I should have been with Vet Clinic in local parade. Didn't commit so I needed to be open to weekend visit. More time than I'm used to, more tasks than time. Tomorrow to celebrate our freedoms and gratitude for the lives given to obtain those freedoms.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Is it Wednesday Still or Thursday Yet?

I kept quite busy today, running late as always, hanging out laundry before work. Extra tasks coming in adding to my day job. So often there's not enough to do, feels odd to be grateful for work, but then that is what we get paid for isn't it? Humid day, a bit trying for noontime walk, but a breeze to keep the sweat from dripping. I ran home between jobs as the skies were darkening, and my dry laundry now in despair. Changed loads, used the dryer which adds heat and humidity to the house. But storm breezes are kicking up again and there's some cooling on the way. I pushed my tasks at vet clinic so I wouldn't feel bad about not working tomorrow evening. End of month tasks complete. What will I do with that time? There are Thursday evening fireworks in Morris. Fair to walk and grandstand to view the show. Or will I hibernate? Just take some time to non commit myself? Swim. Overdue for time in pool. Uncertain as to when overtime will begin or if it will begin with a much lighter workload this year. It doesn't help that I keep working at streamlining production. Without overtime, maybe raises will become feasible? But I was counting on overtime to please my creditors. One step forward, two steps back. I really should be grateful that my job isn't in jeopardy,(or maybe it is)with so many pink slips across the nation. But the rich still get richer, so it's overdue time to create some art for some wealthy patrons. If I can just keep my eyes open. Holiday to consider. What it really means. Do I take in a parade? Certainly there will be nieces or nephews in one of the parades. I've lost so much family time working so many jobs. My previous chiropractor had told me when I quit working so hard, I may have a heart attack and die. Probably not something I needed to hear, but we both knew then it would be many years before I climbed out of divorce debt. And still more to go. Do I need to make plans for the holidays, there are so many things that could be worked into the weekend, or do I just flow and see where it might take me? Too many decisions for an exhausted brain. Will have to sleep on those...who knows, I may have more fences to repair.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Boo Hoo!

Life drawing was postponed a week. Maybe I should have stayed home and worked at any of my drawings in progress. But I decided to get my work hours in early and maybe start the holiday early after first Thursday job. The whole day off on Friday and weeds are calling my name. Just growing out of control. Laughing at me. What is it that needs doing? Removing some of those white roses rather than trying to paint them red! I can barely find the roses or tiger lilies, much less find time to paint them red! The indigo bunting allowed me a glimpse yesterday when walking and jump started my desire to complete that drawing. Today while I walked I gathered some angel's lace for my desk and retrieved a piece of plastic mesh. All along the walk I planned a collograph. Embossed of course and the foreground shall be the background and maybe the roses shall be red? So I tended flowers this evening and was surprised by dear friend I hadn't touched base with as of late. It seems I needed to be at work to move forward with that overdue catch up chatter. Some day I will have time to just visit. Someday the debtor's will not be yelling off with her head as I paint my roses red! A quote I connected very closely with this evening, "Just as the creative artist is not allowed to choose, neither is he permitted to turn his back on anything: a single refusal and he is cast out of the state of grace and becomes sinful all the way through." ~Ranier Maria Rilke. Why is it now that anyone in my life should carry more importance than the need to create? Not understanding the state of grace does not warrant abandoning it to follow a safer or saner path in life. Much less to follow someone else's path.