Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wonderful Lunch Walk Today

I wanted o share my new self projection. A portrait by talented acquaintance Thomas Mahady of Glen Ellyn. We had been elbow artist for a time with life drawing sessions at at Naperville Art League. A few years back I ran into him in my town at a small gift shop in Yorkville. We met back up at Historic Courthouse where he was doing stencil painting at ceiling level, and I sat for this lovely rendition of myself. It is quite fitting as I've looked at the few and far between photos of myself with forced smiles. So cheers to Thomas, I'll have to send him a line and apprise him of my current facebook image with gratitude.
Today, as walked at noon,I brought my camera with me. Everyone (well not everyone) came out and posed! My friend the whistle pig, my dear hawk friend, and I located a mystery view I'd been watching for. That I'll share with uploads as with my dial up I've spent far too long on the computer and now have entered sleep hour. It was so much fun to have a camera with and big hugs and gratitude to Wolf Dancer for sharing old camera with me. Much, much yet to learn. It would go faster if I'd make time to about while my forever uploads are stealing my life away? People were out today walking, biking, mowing, visiting in parking lots, and my special friends Sunhawk and Whistlepig posed for the camera! I only hoped to see yesterdays moth, was searching online for reference and there are far too many moths with far too few measurements and clear photos for me to identify the beauty I witnessed yesterday. I'd been working on photos to share today and if I can deal with my dial up issues, I'll have new images for the next week. Ta ta!


Laura said...

What a nice sketch, and so glad you brought your camera and snatches some moments.


butterfly woman said...

Ta ta, I've been flying around looking for you and checking out my old haunting grounds and am delighted to see you taking photos (As you know, a love of mine).Can't wait to see how you've captured me on camera. When I'm without my camera and in front of great images, my husband says "Remember it in your mind". I love that sketch of you, it's mysterious how the top of your head floats off page yet your lips and braid shine on.It totally captures your essense. I don't like any photos of me, perhaps a sketch by someone would be nice.

Carrie said...

I happened across your blog today, and I love your work. I also love the portrait of you done by your friend from Glen Ellyn. My parents live in Glen Ellyn, and I'd love to have him sketch our family. Do you have contact information for him?

Thank you!