Sunday, July 20, 2008


Another piece in Naperville Art League's "Freedom Frail as Glass' exhibit. This piece is also color pencil on charcoal paper, the image size is 8 X 11. Framed at $150.00. Somehow, unintentionally, I think she is very vulnerable and fragile although unaware of any ill intent which may compromise her freedoms.
Finally a day without work and I took time out to rest, exercise, sun and read. Lots of laundry interspersed and sweeping and mopping to freshen the house for the busy week ahead. Was watching the clock, fully intending on giving myself an hour at days end to draw, but ended up doing task assignment of collage of images capturing my interest in a few magazines. I chose images without people, landscapes from the Serengeti to Alaska, New Mexico and Northeast Coastline. A shrine of our Lady of Guadalupe and inner city clay structures, maybe Morocco. Images of almonds and vegetables. Whale, cougar, swans, nut thrasher, prairie dogs, sea turtles, hippopotamuses, caribou and a cardinal to add brilliance. Took my thoughts way back, to where my inspiration was found in World Wildlife magazines, and International Wildlife, sometimes in my children's issue of My Big Backyard. There were no people. The phrase included, "The road less traveled is no road at all" in keeping with my beliefs in road less parks. A fun task, interesting as to where images peak interest.

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butterfly woman said...

Another beautiful lady you present here. I am so glad you described your thoughts and feelings about her. I always love the meaning about a piece of art. You've inspired me to look at my own life drawings and write about what they mean to me (and honor them as well). Glad you took a little time to be creative before time slipped away. I find it interesting that you did a collage without people, yet you so enjoy life drawing. Good balance, tapping into all of who you are, doing what feels right for you.