Friday, July 18, 2008

Heat has scambled the brain

Didn't post yesterday as I was pretty sure I had nothing else to say. Certainly I didn't as I found myself repeating last weeks tales to Gina at second job tonight. I'm so tired but can't seem to get off the treadmill of my life. Alarming week full of consideration for what I perceive as rest of summer. Cooled off in pool after late night and brought body temp down to normal. Overtime finally available and I'm committed to life workshop tomorrow. Losing more money than workshop costs and that was a stretch for me. But I sooooo need to spend a day away accomplishing sketching time. So tomorrow I draw and appreciate time off. I should be working two shifts Saturdays through Labor Day? Here is where I totally fell off dieting last summer, exercise too. Lack of sleep frazzles the best of intentions. I consider that a hat at walking times in the sun may protect the brain from the long summer heat. I so enjoy the heat, but it's dog days, for lolling about the pool and haphazard pulling weeds in the shade, not dozing in front of work computer hoping I don't break my nose as I drop down. But tomorrow is a big day, a day I need to play with some colors and feel, record and remember what living is. So off to bed, for a full nights rest before a very important play day!
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