Saturday, July 5, 2008

Parade Day

Without Friday evening work I was able to get up and out the door to rosary and mass this morning, before heading to my folks to take in a parade with my Mom. Dad stayed home, had gone out last night to fireworks and was done for the holiday. Not many people in Sandwich that I know, so it was quite east to do some people studying. Being an ex-smoker, I was saddened by all the people so wrapped up in it they couldn't go an hour without. So glad I beat that addiction. Dad's best friend had passed away this week after a seven year battle with cancer, and it really hit him hard, his recovery has been so difficult and will it be worth all the hardship? His risks of cancer returning is minimal but still that alarming what if and why. So my sister and kids were in parade with 4-H float,they weren't looking our way and I didn't photo the backs of their heads. I did take some nice pix of cousins on their 4-wheelers from Pro Source Shop. Jimmy, his wife Jodi and sister Shelley, with new babies on board. It was nice to be a spectator. So lunch with my folks and back home to accomplish more in the weekend. My hands hurt from yesterdays labors. Cuts and swellings and blisters too. Took a bush off patio way back down to low level, cut back some mosquito shade and was able to get some burning caught up with. So dry out there, sparks caught a couple dry logs on pile and they needed to be added to the fire. Ended up hosing them down to go to work as the logs were large and would burn for some time. Sat with Rachel's boyfriend while she showered and he caught me up in his world happenings. Nice that he is comfortable talking, especially since I have shortage of small talk skills. Pool time and a little keeping up work. Off to work, was extremely slow, fortunately I expected it and wasn't frazzled by the lack of income. Pulled back into every other Monday shift, discussed I needed third Monday's of t he month off for networking meetings. Another day is over and I hear talk of Christmas already. I was planning on a very long slow summer.

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