Saturday, July 12, 2008

Weeks End

Tonight had been slow, last night was good pace at work and was hoping another evening of good tips would bring some relief. But very slow start and later diners had not picked up either. Fortunately I hadn't splurged my gas money when I was out on artist date this afternoon. Went to Naperville Woman's Club Art Fair to see what I might see. Laura's booth was doing well, with several sales while I was there. She was next to jeweler with natural leaf type earrings that I avoided carefully. I'd been hoping to get a new pair of earrings, but will probably pick out a pair at Imagine On Main. I suppose I need to replace bracelet broken recently which was my regular wear. Met a color-pencil artist from Geneva who I may consider a class or two with, and a great printmaker with whimsical pieces from Missouri. Had intended to check out another printmaker in the show, but local news was prepping to do a live interview with him, and I had errands yet to fill. Found out quite surreptitiously online that a Fruitful Yield had opened in Oswego! Had grand opening yesterday and shelves were still not filled so the few items I intended to splurge on were not in stock. Picked up several necessities and placed special order for those not in. Days events were on wish list and many tasks yet undone. Hoping better weather for second day of Fair for Laura. Muggy today after morning showers. Still more to catch up on, and much figuring in days to come.

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