Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'm melting

Today I walked as usual in the noon heat. I hadn't expected any creatures to be about and was overjoyed to see a pair of blue herons rise up over the creek. The wings were massive as I was so near, ands yet so far as trees, shrubs, and winding creek obscured good view. One perched atop the fallen beaver logs and I waited awhile, peering before moving forward again. As I stopped to increase my rock collection, I saw rocks tumbling near a culvert opening. A badger poked its nose out, not once but twice before deciding to stay inside. I took that opportunity to select two new rocks and waited again, hoping for another glimpse. I gave up first and continued on in the heat. I was melting and was so looking forward to the turning point where I would again face light breezes. I found a deep blue marble alongside a penny and picked them up for good luck all the day. My henna and clay mask arrived at health food store so after both jobs and a pool workout, I'm blogging with a little pampering and a glass of wine.


butterfly woman said...

Isn't it wonderful all the wonderful things in life that come our way if we are open to them? So good you are pampering yourself. Sometimes I think that reading the blogs are just as good as a glass of wine. They give me an intoxicating high!
When I see a blue heron, I think of you and know your spirit is nearby.

Laura said...

Hi lady,
I'm curious if it was a badger or a Ground Hog? I believe badger are up north more then in this area but you know you never know.
But what a great walk to witness the winged ones and the fourlegged ground creatures.
Play with the spirit and keeping you humble to the earth.

Doris said...

I certainly didn't expect a badger, but that's what I saw. Strange I was reading yesterday about blue crabs dying out in the Chesapeake Bay and I had found one last year by the dam!