Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Boo Hoo!

Life drawing was postponed a week. Maybe I should have stayed home and worked at any of my drawings in progress. But I decided to get my work hours in early and maybe start the holiday early after first Thursday job. The whole day off on Friday and weeds are calling my name. Just growing out of control. Laughing at me. What is it that needs doing? Removing some of those white roses rather than trying to paint them red! I can barely find the roses or tiger lilies, much less find time to paint them red! The indigo bunting allowed me a glimpse yesterday when walking and jump started my desire to complete that drawing. Today while I walked I gathered some angel's lace for my desk and retrieved a piece of plastic mesh. All along the walk I planned a collograph. Embossed of course and the foreground shall be the background and maybe the roses shall be red? So I tended flowers this evening and was surprised by dear friend I hadn't touched base with as of late. It seems I needed to be at work to move forward with that overdue catch up chatter. Some day I will have time to just visit. Someday the debtor's will not be yelling off with her head as I paint my roses red! A quote I connected very closely with this evening, "Just as the creative artist is not allowed to choose, neither is he permitted to turn his back on anything: a single refusal and he is cast out of the state of grace and becomes sinful all the way through." ~Ranier Maria Rilke. Why is it now that anyone in my life should carry more importance than the need to create? Not understanding the state of grace does not warrant abandoning it to follow a safer or saner path in life. Much less to follow someone else's path.


Laura said...

Insightful thoughts for you I see
pots a getting full of unwanted stuff and getting ready for what really needs to be meet. do the drawing first. Yes the weed are calling and they will make you happy to have them some what trained for a few weeks but put the 20 minutes in first this free day coming and then tend to the weeds and soak in the wonder you feel will doing that.

Just do it!!!

Uta said...

I agree with Laura. Do your 20 minutes first. It isn't a very long time at all. The weeds can wait 20 minutes.

Doris said...

20 minutes it is! Thanks for caring!