Monday, June 30, 2008

Catching up or Keepimg up

Worked late today, as ending of fiscal year and data entry of inventories to do. Worthwhile as late start mornings and traffic detour last week cut into my hours. Finally back out for lunchtime walk. Picked a small amount of trash today? A chunk of pine that I had walked around the past two weeks 4x4x4 with several nails to remove. Will probably add to burn pile but the wood itself has captured my attention daily till I picked it up finally. A 6 pack ring. I cannot knowingly allow any of God's creation to become entangled and lose life because man decided to wrap his cans with plastic. My daily quota of rocks for collection, 2 miles a day, a rock for each mile. An odd glass pepsi bottle, I've not bought pop for over a year, they've returned to recycle-able glass? So what's it doing in the ditch? Home to find my girl washing her car. Overdue but now whistle pig clean inside and out. Changed some laundry, did some dishes and had a bite to eat before prayer hour. Necessary part of my week, gratitude and reflection and prayers for my needs and those needs of others. It's late now, but I can go forward on this week, knowing I gave last week it's fair effort.

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