Friday, June 27, 2008

More static

Images still not cooperating. Trying to share some pictures here, would be really nice if dial up wasn't so slow. Losing time and perspective as the page uploads or refuses to upload, tonight I will not bother further with it. Accomplished another trip to DMV, this time successful, shouldn't need to go again for another year. Sticker already attached to license plate. Task complete. Plans for tomorrow? I didn't make enough money to fill up weeks gas. Taste of Chicago and Naperville Ribfest have encroached upon my income. When people leave town, my night's income is not supportive. On other end of spectrum, long awaited phone cal from my son Randell, has been busy working a novel, much pride in the upbringing of my beautiful children. Led to conversation with my boss, about "posers." Am I a poser? Without enough time to create, is it just make believe? Or is the whole idea of a poser scripted through jealousy of those incapable to accomplish the same? An affirmation would be helpful. I am a brilliant and prolific artist. Well, I may not presently be prolific but I am brilliant! Starting to lose consciousness here. Best to sign off and get long awaited rest. Goodnight.


Laura said...

Don't you dare let those thoughts come in. You know your not a poser and if anyone would say that they have not walked in your moccasins, And would they dare? You are not a poser, You are making your way and emerging back in to the art you so enjoy. Think of the plant that seeks the sun through the crack in the pavement. perserverance is the name of the game and who gives a darn how long it takes you foot is wet again and your on your Path my dear!!! Good to hear of Randell writing.

Uta said...

Hear hear Laura!