Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More rain predicted

Today, I played catch up. Usual morning chores before being gone to two jobs for 13 hours. Extra task load as pup was very naughty today. Shredded a cat scratching post, a boot, wicker plant holder, straw hat and even some holes in the linoleum. At least he didn't destroy another plant, my 5 ft palm fronds were in little sections all over the house on Sunday. By the time I caught up with last Sunday's meal cooking and fishtank upkeep, pool upkeep, setting up fan for humid week coming through, some laundry and dishes it's now 9:30 in evening, time to set back down and close up my day. Monotony of patterns that I keep accomplishing, so very good at multitasking yet my single goal of moving my art forward rarely fits into the days. Losing sleep and meals creates poor willpower and far less patience than I care to have for use each day. So, I have a few minutes here and am going to use them to catch up on my chapter reading! After a good night's rest, Maybe the sun'll come out tomorrow.

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