Sunday, June 1, 2008

"Possum N Young"

This piece is an old favorite embossed linocut. I have it on display for sale at "Imagine On Main" a boutique/gallery in downtown Oswego Illinois. I've not seen a possum recently other than roadkill. On a walk early this spring I stumbled across a pair of possum skeletons, and carried the skulls back for for sketching. They're bleaching alongside some driftwood on the lower patio. Interesting, the canines are loose and fall out easily. The spines were also very interesting, still intact, I was a little disapointed I hadn't had time to pick up their complete skeletons. But the beauty of this overlooked creature impresses me.


Laura said...

Alright lady, You did it. congrats! I look forward to you entries.

butterfly woman said...

You are already cooking. The muse has been unleased. Your creations always have so much mood and emotion to them. A uniqueness that sets you apart! You have whetted my appetite for more. And so nice to hear more about your background.