Monday, June 23, 2008

Waiting and Hoping

Still on that same page. Completed a few tasks, but not even possible to get on top of chores. Finished trimming the lawn after work, feels good to have that done, won't even consider the weeks impending rain and how long it will be before I can manage to get it cut again. But today I can find the piles I need to pick up. Hoorah! Was happy to make it to Holy hour this evening. Was a needed time of deep meditation and reflection. Running borrowed trimmer back at end of night. Grateful my folks still stay up through the 10pm news. Thought my week looked too tight to get it returned another night. Upcoming reunion at my folks this Sunday. Dad was weedwhacking today, so pleasing to see him getting around and accomplishing his tasks. Still asking for his strength to return. It comes slow. So once again it's past my bedtime trying to add to my tale.
My daughter had a wisdom tooth removed today and was doing a little recovery time by the pool. After 5 double shift days, it was good to see her rest. She has so much to say, so many changes she has chosen this year and they all seem for the better. Somewhat woke up her napping by trimming the lawn. Pool water felt fresh and crystal clear, unfortunately my day didn't allow restorative action or inaction either.
So I'm waiting to hear that enough artists will commit to tomorrows life drawing...seems pretty dire, cancellation looming. Need to make trip to DMV this week and get my plate sticker on time. Stopped over at wikpedia today to look up rainbows, and mildly surprised they come in other varieties than common arc. Didn't stay long, side trip from work's work. A few pieces of art with rainbows in background. Think on that one a bit. After seeing Paul Burd's photo at Yorkville State Bank, landscapes are quite interesting at the present. One with white egret captured my attention immediately, another river shot included a rainbow. It all seems to merge itself like pieces of a puzzle.

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