Saturday, June 28, 2008

Through the Looking Glass.

Today, I will begin at the beginning what the day gave to me. I woke to let the dogs out at 5:00am, decided to go back to bed, dreaming of huge gap in the fence and dogs escaping, challenged, trying to find something to block the hole, help needed to repair. I got up believing the dream to really be about fixing the broken gate...which need new post and anxiety as to how might I close off section, while post sets. Sat with my tea and was writing about the strangeness of my dream, but who walks past my front window? Lucky Pup. (Not Capt. Destructo) I ran out back looking for open gates and found none. Lucky quickly entered gate when I called him. I was following fence line looking for a possible excavation when what do I find? A huge hole chewed between fencing. I was running to the garage looking for something to block off that hole till it could be repaired. Missed piece of plywood, dug into back corner for a piece of pegboard, gallant efforts to move storage quickly when I saw the easier more manageable piece of plywood on my way out. Propped a few logs in front of the plywood and sat back down to wonder at the page what had just happened. As my daughter Rachel came in I told her of my dream and what had happened, she wanted to buy the replacement fencing. Said she'd go to Menards to get, I asked her to go to Home Depot, she preferred to go to Menards hoping to run into cousin Dale's fiance Emily. It made me uncomfortable, but without reason I relented. She would go to Menards and prepay the lumber for me to pick up. Sudden anxiety about Menards? I shrugged it off and entered the store blindly to figure out this process and direction to head. Clerk printed an invoice and directed me to drive around back. I drove around back and was told the order to be too small for lumberyard that it would be an in store carry out. Told to head to garage 15 inside store. Back in store there was nothing but bags of sakrete in garage 15 and feeling violated further, I walked into the outdoor lumberyard which I was told not to drive to and found a door with "special order" sign above. Huge room nothing in it but two guys, one was willing to help me, back to lumber about 20 feet from clerk who sent me on wild goose chase. I wa really frustrated and tears were welling. But he loaded my four fence boards on a cart and I was off to parking lot and on my way home. Why was this trip so uncomfortable? I really felt like Alice in the Looking Glass. Was all this disorder supposed to make sense? One last stop for gas. Nearly full, not quite and hoping the evenings business will be better. Fence boards went up quickly. Still need to trim excess at top and bottoms of new boards. Haven't decided on stain as color of fence discontinued and I need to choose new stock color, not special order color. Are you still with me? Rest of day somewhat uneventful. Cut inside fence with tractor, hung out some laundry, cleaned the pool,sat at pool edge and tried to catch up with chapter reading, saw storm system roll in and headed laundry back in, rolled up car windows, and just in time as thunder rolled. Headache tonight, quite unusual for me to get a headache. Did I accomplish? I think as much as humanly possible and maybe just a tad bit more with some intuition leading my day. Work again slow. The day to consider as is now done. Gratitude for Divine assistance.


april said...

What a day! What a dream! What a reality! And you came through it with gratitude! Enjoy your blog, Doris! April

Laura said...

All I can say is I hear you lady. You were a warrior woman who didn't realize it. Glad you shared it really is amazing what powers show up. Since the pups are in your dream is there something they are trying to tell you?