Saturday, June 14, 2008

A short long day

Where did the day go? I slept in some. Got up,did morning pages,tended the animals and off on errands. Spent more at grocery store than I am comfortable with. Have I accepted that my weeks gas is $70.00? Seems odd, certainly I could be paying down debts with that money. Worked on the tractor for awhile till I was frustrated enough for tears. I forgot to turn off gas when I put it away last weekend, the gas leaked into the oil and I couldn't remove cap to drain the oil. Needless to say, the lawn looks like a meadow. Lovely clover and weeds towering over grasses. Before tears, I walked away, changed and got into pool cleaning and then pool workout. Tomorrow I will have to consider the tractor again. Laundry on the line, and off to another slow evening at work, fortunately it hadn't rained while I was gone and laundry down and put away after dark. I attempted to watch comedy "Family Man" last night and thought I'd try to see the end without dozing off again. We'll see. So maybe today is back to rhino and spiritual idealism. Intentions for the day shot, I knew my expectations were too high, but every once in awhile things fall into place. Tomorrow is overloaded once again. Need to bring in the flag raised for flag day today and respect the end of this day, tomorrow may possibly be more productive.

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