Sunday, June 8, 2008

Brookfield Rhino

My intent was to locate some pictures of rescues in my backyard, came across this picture from many years back to add to my story. I believe the main intent when taking this picture was remembrance for my little ones. Today I photoed a fledgling bird. I was weeding and digging and encountered a nest disturbed by afternoon storms. Two young were drowned. I buried them with my weeding. I placed the thriving one in nest at base of peach tree and after feeding it 4 earthworms and 2 grubs said a little prayer that parents were watching and going to take back their job. Saturday I had detoured on tractor path as robin young were hopping about calling out for food. The parents close by. Quite humbling to realize these same little birds would find their way back to my yard next spring after wintering south. Friends for life.
This day I visited and had visitors. My parents and two of my children. Another strong day of accomplishing tasks and attempting to move forward with goals.

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