Monday, June 16, 2008

Panel Discussion-Entrepreneurship

I really had a delightful day, ending with a delightful evening at Women's Business Network meeting. My morning tasks disturbed by barking pup and chihuahua, needed to check out what the issue was. A large possum had lumbered inside my fence and was being tormented by dogs from either side. I quickly scolded the dogs into the house before possible damage to any party, but thought how odd that he had entered the dog realm unknowingly. Surely the scents of my pack deter many a varmint critter. With fabulous weather I enjoyed my lunch time walk and saw a woodchuck dangling in a low bush about waist height. Fumbling and reaching he maneuvered his way down to the ground to escape me. I hadn't realized a whistle pig(I like that newly found name) was capable of climbing! No turtles today, but spotted four inch fish darting while I scoped the creek for a view of her again. So back to evening plans, invited a couple wonderful artist friends to head in to meeting with me. Peggy McWethy Sutton whose fabulous rural watercolors are quite popular, and Amy Irwin artisan and owner of gallery/boutique of Imagine on Main, downtown Oswego. The panelists were lively and upbeat and really positive emotions and connections were networked. My guests are looking forward to the next meeting in August and plans made to bring the group to different locations of WBN entrepreneurs throughout the coming months. So at least one meeting will be close to home at Imagine On Main! I had a moment as everyone did to introduce myself to the group. Did I surprise everyone? Did they expect an entrepreneur? Forging ahead with connections, a real positive outcome for this day.

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Uta said...

Good on you Doris.