Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Life or Figurative?

All day I waited to hear that life drawing was a go this evening. Finally found that out about 5:30 pm. Decision was made to increase the fees without enough people to cover model and rent. Grateful. I was so anticipating going although the schedule had been changed to every other week and this is the third week in a row I'm back. The coming is still slow, but I'm breathing and feeling and experimenting with color. Feel like it's gaining momentum, soon drawing will be the rule rather than the exception. It's inconceivable to many as to why an artist goes through dry periods, although read about, rumored about, or even considered part of the genius, but a wise acquaintance had shared with me this past winter..when we draw we remember. Often the memories don't care to surface, or we intentionally suffocate those painful memories rather than deal with emotions so jagged they sear the soul. So we don't work as we need to, to pass through the pain and get to the other side. Back to life drawing. Enjoyable evening, sat with Pat who as fate would have it had bought my piece "Chopsticks" for her husbands upcoming birthday. So it's still in hiding rather than on the wall at the present. Chatted some with a few artists, felt so at home. Although the pose I was struggling with a bit, I'm a little disenchanted with lying down models. I do appreciate how difficult it is to pose, I've sat for several portraits by friends. But when the model is lying down, you lose hands and feet and faces. Even more, as the pose becomes difficult the model relaxes and drops and the tightly tracked lines have changed. But that is part of the challenge of drawing from life. Capturing essence before it's mutated. Will have a new model next week and hopefully commitments will be made long before the hour ahead of time. Still need to find a new local friend to commute in with. Those yesteryear friends have moved on...I do hope they carry with them yet a little remembrance shared during drawing together.


Laura said...

Yes!!! So glad you went and it was a go... So happy for you. I missed but am at peace with that, It will give me time to fight the demon critic I have about the pieces I did. Well I hear some much need feelings coming to the surface to be healed and set free.

Doris said...

I actually was talking of you to artist Alan I was seated next to, when in the gallery and remembrance of days in the playhouse studio diligently working! Good memories. The demon critic just need shoeing out the door!