Sunday, June 29, 2008

Family Reunion

It was a great day. Pages done. Mass. Thought the congregation unusually rude to visiting monk who said mass. Sat down after communion before he was finished. It was different and I'm not certain why it happened. There were only a few parishioners still kneeling when he sat down. Reminded me of the instance when fabulous composer of hymns was visiting and sang a powerful rendition of Ave Maria. In the middle of his song as the priest sat down, the congregation all sat and kneelers were slammed back to upright position. Surely I was the only one in rapture with the beautiful music and didn't anyone else notice how rude it was to the very distinguished guest. He volunteered his time to the congregation and certainly needed to be treated with respect. Oh but these are my anal tendencies. Not of others.
So back to the reunion, I had poor tips again Saturday evening so intended to make a cherry bread from pickings earlier in the week. Took a blueberry bread recipe and altered ingredients to accommodate cherries instead. It went over well. I made a lovely dill yogurt dip that I did brag to a few dieters that it was yogurt and was delicious with broccoli. zucchini, carrots, and red bell peppers. I thought I needed to buy vegetables and ingredients for dip and somehow they were all there in refrigerator waiting for me. 102 relatives were counted today. It was very good to see many who over the years I had not taken the opportunity to visit with in years past. Apparently I had felt insignificant in prior years and realized how a few family members had put me into that frame of thinking. Rather than exclaim my grandiose survival of past horrors, I felt inferior. Certainly I'm not in same social class, but then intellect is not expected from those in poverty. Beyond the years of severe emotional abuse I endured to protect my children from same, when did my intelligence become part of my financial situation? Is anyone out there listening? Why is it presumed that suffering poverty only capitulates on inferior intellect? Does anyone practice ethics anymore? Isn't it understood that bad things do happen to good people? Way of course here, but there are so many reasons people don't enjoy family gatherings, when family is supposed to be the people who love you no matter what. After all that, I did feel love andacceptance today. Talks of religion and politics, and it didn't matter that all involved in topics were of differing opinions. There was still love and respect. All the inferior years are behind me now. I could lose everything I have and not believe the opinions that have stifled my growth before. I think I grew up today, finally.

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Laura said...

One of those moments when it really only matter to you. And your own healing. What a great thing. Yes you are going. I have to say I was thinking of your all day while weeding in the back yard and how you would be sitting at the reunion enjoying the conversation and how accepting it was for Aunt Doris to be drawing all the people and happnings going on. And the family was excited to see you sketches and know that they were master pieces, so there was no critical words to hear but acceptance. Well I was wishing hard for you. And it sounds like good orderly direction was there.