Thursday, June 5, 2008

Spiritual Idealism

As I walked at lunch today a little blue rhino caught my eye. I wondered it's story, I wondered it's tale. It is a solidary creature, a survivor of the age of giant mammals. Actually carrying a peaceful and timid nature, often seen going out of its way to avoid trouble but aggressive when threatened. He has poor eyesight but his hearing is enhanced. He digs up roots and edibles with his horns. He is preyed upon by traditional Eastern cultures for the keratin of his horns. He is a reminder that if a persons ideals are too high and unattainable depression will set in. One step at a time is a reminder. Patience and perseverance are the cornerstones of his tale. As guardian of ancient wisdom, he holds the secret to survival, reminding us to tread gently upon this earth and respect all life. I played with my new friend as I tended plants. Why did we share this day? There is still so much to learn.


Laura said...

Seeing the little rhino, brings back old sandbox days of great adventures. A connection of imagation and wonder. Great little picture there lady.

Doris said...

And we wonder why we like to weed?

butterfly woman said...

Amazing how a ittle figure like that we happen upon can inspire such writing! I love your pondering and finding the "magic and joy" while weeding. Your affinity to animals is evident.