Friday, June 20, 2008

Long Day is Done

14 hour day is done. So glad for the weekend and opportunity to catch up on the weeks lost sleep. But then so many chores lined up, it'll still be a rat race. And an extra shift so Deb could have Sunday off. I did get out on my lunchtime walk today, picked some yarrow for my desk. Nothing special to report for the days excursion, a few clouds were spitting at me and I could have used a few more. The boss had interchanged computers in the office while I was out, so I now only have one monitor on my desk, rather than second one piggybacked to computer wth seizures. Certainly I would have had seizures had I continued to work off that one. Came home and Capt. Destructo had found the glue sticks I had no idea where I had stashed, hopefully he hadn't eaten any. We should work as a team, he'll locate all the things I've misplaced and what shall my part be? I'll keep patience with a naughty teething pup. So all the weeks tasks to be accomplished tomorrow? Hopefully a few tasks anyway. I'd heard something about showers, may deem lawn cutting out. Still have to drain the gas from the oil on tractor. Another project, more time involved, but the sun'll come out tomorrow. At my bottom dollar, time to bet on the sun?

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