Wednesday, June 18, 2008


This piece is also in Summer Breeze exhibit at NAL. She is an 8X11 image, color pencil on charcoal paper, framed. $120.00

My day has been kind. Lovely weather to walk in. I was paying little attention to the scenery today as I gathered thoughts and intentions and prayers. But it had been paying attention to me. I passed the whistle pigs burrow and he had been watching my path, didn't dart into his burrow until I was several feet away and we made eye contact. Was hoping to see old turtle again, but not this day would she come out to greet me. Oddly although I've been traveling this path for most of two and a half years, it was the first time I'd seen an engine and two cars on old train tracks. I had noticed an old caboose at one time. I continued on my way and spotted a blue heron fly past. Not long after three hawks were sailing directly above me. I was tempted to lie down in the grass and look up at their play. Here was the spot where tractor had hit 4 foot fox snake last week. I had no desire to come that close to another of it's kind. So I continued on and returned to work. At days end, I was greeted with package from cousin Laura. Mat board and foam core waiting to get used. Very grateful, it's timeliness surely appreciated. More work to frame, more pictures to take. New memories to bring to life.


Uta said...

Love this piece. A true woman.

Laura said...

yes I would agree, I hope we get more woman like this for the life drawing class.