Sunday, June 15, 2008

Reality Bites

Stayed up a little late again, today I caught some movies. Finally caught up with The Family Man, seemed new and fresh comedy, but as the end neared I remembered I had seen it before. Maybe not the whole thing through as I tend to crash when seated in the chair. I intended to pull into chapter "uncovering a sense of perspective" in finding water, began did some task work and was dozing at the page. A good time for a movie? Seems probable that I fall asleep at that point. But the movie, Reality Bites with Winona Ryder, Ethan Hawke, and Ben Stiller captured my generation. Why had I not seen it before? And the struggle of artists to make their way in this world, helped with a little self-forgiveness. Especially after taking most of the day to accomplish little. I did accomplish matting a couple old prints for NAL portfolio bin. Will be changing exhibits this week and am ready. Visiting my folks for Father's Day, took in a nice walk with my Mom, got updated on family happenings, my Godson, Dean and his fiance Becky were also there while I visited. My niece had left a number of things for the family from my deceased sister's belongings a they've put the farm on the market. I came home with a box of memories, my sister had also collected chickens in the kitchen and now I need to find space for adding them to my own clutch. A beautiful silver brush set that will make a wonderful prop for drawing, maybe even self portrait with hand mirror. My Mom even asked if I'd be working on my art. I didn't this day, hoped to, but drained emotionally, physically and even spiritually. Last day with Father Dan, I sniffled several times at Mass, it will be easier to write him once he's gone, 19 years my Rock through hellish times. Forever in my heart.

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